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Bristol-Kendall gets new engine

Bill Freidrich tells us that the Bristol-Kendall Fire Department in MABAS Division 14 purchased a Custom Contender CAFS unit from Pierce that was delivered on Tuesday.  This was a stock unit and photos will be posted when they become available.


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New Ambulances in Lake Villa

The Lake Villa Fire District received two new ambulances. They are Type III units built in 2011 by Osage on Ford E-450 chassis. According to information received by Jeff Rudolph, neither of them are numbered yet and both identical.  As best as can be determined, Ambulance 243, the 05′ was retired. Old Ambulance 242 became Ambulance 244, Ambulance 244 became Ambulance 245. It is not clear where old Ambulance 241 went. The two new units will be assigned to Ambulances 241 and 242.

As reported HERE, the new ambulances are painted red. This is a departure from the current ambulance fleet that is painted blue and white and was purchased as part of the Lake Villa Rescue Squad.

Lake Villa Fire Department 2011 Osage ambulance

Lake Villa took delivery of two 2011 Type III ambulances from Osage on E-450 Ford chassis. This unit will be assigned as Ambulance 242. These are the first red ambulances in Lake Villa. Jeff Rudolph photo

Lake Villa Fire Department ambulance Lake Villa Rescue Squad

The new ambulance will replace the current, 2010 Osage built ambulance that is assigned to Ambulance 242. This unit is being reassigned as Ambulance 244 which is the second ambulance out of Station 2.

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