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Chicago FD Company Patches

This from Chi-Town Fire Photos:

New company patches added to

Chicago FD company patch

Chi-Town Fire Photos

Chicago FD company patch

Chi-Town Fire Photos

Chicago FD company patch

Chi-Town Fire Photos

Chicago FD company patch

Chi-Town Fire Photos

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Fire Department Patches

This from Asher Heimermann:

I have collected 65 shoulder patches from Illinois fire departments. To view the patches, click:

In addition to patches from fire departments around Illinois, I’ve obtained 42 patches from CFD stations and divisions. To view those patches, click:
Fire Department patch Fire Department patch

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Park Forest South FD history

This from a reader:

I recently saw some pictures of the former Park Forest South equipment both while in service and in the bone yard. I was wondering if there were more images available of all the original equipment. I was a POC from 1978 until I went into the Marines in 1981.
I have  a few photos from the Los Angeles County Fire Museum, which might bring back some memories for people like your pictures did for me!
Please let me know where I may obtain furter pictures of the PFSFD.
Thanks for documenting the Fire Service.
Jeff Wolven
Ps. I have included an image of the original shoulder patch.
Park Forest South Fire Department patch

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Fire Department patches added

We have recently received an influx of fire department patches to add to listings on the site. The following department patches have now been added:

Elk Grove Village Fire Department patch
Lemont Fire Protection District patch
Orland Fire Protection District patch
Oak Forest Fire Department patch

Matteson Fire Department patch

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New patch for Western Springs

Lucas Knudsen submitted the new decal being used for the Western Springs Fire Department patch.

Western Springs Fire Department patch

We’d like to get the patch to add to the department pages on the site.


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CFD company patches added

Thanks to Josh Boyajian for submitting several CFD company patches that were missing from the site.

Here are 4 new CFD patches I have collected in the past month that are missing from the site! Also here is a picture of my Chicago patch collection that I have. Hope you like! Thanks,

The following patches have been added:


Chicago Fire Department company patch collection

Josh Boyajian’s collection of Chicago Fire Department company patches.

Chicago Fire Department Engine 89 company patch

one of the new company patches added to the site



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Department patches added

The following patches have been added to the site:

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Summit is added to the site

Summit Fire Department patch

In MABAS Division 21, the Summit Fire Department covers 2.5 square miles plus a four-mile stretch of nearby highways. They operate out of one station with a full-time chief and deputy chief plus 48 part-time firefighters. Summit has three Pierce engines (one is an X-Bedford Park piece), they have two Medtec ambulances, a command car, a boat, and the MABAS Division 21 Fire Investigation Unit (an X-North Palos Osage ambulance).

MABAS Division 21 Fire Investigation Unit

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Cary FPD updated on the site

Cary Fire Protection District patchWhen the Cary Fire Protection District was added to the site HERE, there were several images missing. Larry Shapiro recently visited Cary and was able to photograph the rest of the apparatus as well as a few units which have been renumbered (Squad 255 and Tanker 270). Among the photos is a 1928 antique American LaFrance engine and a new Medtec ambulance that was delivered recently.

Cary Fire Protection District antique American LaFrance engine

Cary Fire Protection District Chevy Medtec Type I ambulance

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