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Summit is added to the site

Summit Fire Department patch

In MABAS Division 21, the Summit Fire Department covers 2.5 square miles plus a four-mile stretch of nearby highways. They operate out of one station with a full-time chief and deputy chief plus 48 part-time firefighters. Summit has three Pierce engines (one is an X-Bedford Park piece), they have two Medtec ambulances, a command car, a boat, and the MABAS Division 21 Fire Investigation Unit (an X-North Palos Osage ambulance).

MABAS Division 21 Fire Investigation Unit

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Article describes the Tinley Park Fire Department

Dennis McGuire, Jr. found an article HERE in the Tinley Park Patch which discusses the staffing for the Tinley Park Fire Department and how that has changed throughout the years to evolve from a complete volunteer department to one that utilizes part-time employees in addition to a few full-time staff members. Excerpts from the article are below:

The Tinley Park department is no exception, Fire Chief Ken Dunn said Tuesday. It started in 1901 solely as a volunteer organization.

But today, crews respond to about 2,000 calls each year. A total of 104 part-time firefighters make up the department’s staff, with about 15 more expected to sign on soon.

“The part-time program was set up so we’d always have people available to respond more quickly than if they were coming from home,” he said, adding that the shift structure was put in place in 2000.

Dunn, Senior Fire Inspector Dan Riordan and two secretaries are the only full-time employees, officials said. The remaining part-timers have a monthly obligation to work at least 36 hours.

That hourly quota will remain the same after pending staffing changes at the village’s four stations. Right now, there is a four-person crew at station 4, a three person crew at station 3 and a four person crew at station 4. Station 2 is not regularly manned, Dunn said.

Some bills are paid for through the department’s nonprofit organization, the Tinley Park Fire Department Association— a group that helps defray the cost of equipment. Annual fundraisers help generate that money, said Riordan, who leads a lot of community outreach efforts.

He’s also responsible for inspecting every commercial and residential unit in Tinley, totaling about 3,000 checks each year and accounting for about 32 million square feet.

“A fire department that doesn’t educate and inspect for fire prevention … that’s a huge mistake for a community,” Dunn said. “We do believe that our active fire prevention bureau does save both lives and extreme costs from a fire.”


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Wilmington is on the site & awaiting a new engine

In MABAS Division 15 (in Will County) the Wilmington Fire Department has been added to the site thanks again to the work of Karl Klotz. Although Karl has a few photos to get of new rigs, Wilmington’s station is well represented. They run with a mixture of apparatus from Pierce, US Tanker, and Seagrave. Their newest piece for the time being is a 2007, Seagrave Maurauder II 100′ quint, but they are expecting an all stainless-steel engine from Seagrave in March. Engine 2611, which is their 1996 Pierce Saber has been sold to a broker, but will remain with the department until the new engine arrives in the Spring.

Wilmington runs Horton ambulances. Their two newest ambulances are Type I models on Ford F-Series’ chassis. The third ambulance as well as the one which was just replaced are Type III styles on Ford E-Series’ chassis.

Wilmington Fire Protection District Seagrave Maurauder II quint 100'

Wilmington covers 105 square miles from their station at 501 N. Water Street although a second station might occur in the not to distant future. They have a full-time chief, 35 part-time firefighters and an additional 35 paid-on-call personnel.

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