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Antioch Fire is added to the site

The Antioch Fire Department and First Fire District is a volunteer department at the northern edge of Illinois in Lake County Quad 2. They have three stations with many pieces of apparatus and a new engine expected in January. Once an all Pirsch department, they still have two Pirsch units on the roster, one of which will be put up for auction when the new engine arrives. Each station houses a brush rig and an engine or tanker with at least 2,000 gallons of water.

Today the apparatus consists of US Tanker, Alexis, Pierce, and 3D. Station 1 houses the Quad 2 rehab unit, the Quad 2 air boat, and a new Quad 2 resource dubbed the Fast Attack Response Truck.

Antioch Fire Department Pirsch pumper/tanker


Antioch Fire Department Pirsch pumper

Antioch Fire Department Station 3

Antioch Station 3 is at 2475 West Grass Lake Road. Larry Shapiro photo


Antioch Fire Department Lake County Quad 2 rehab

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Braceville Fire Department history added

Bill Friedrich has submitted 17 images of apparatus which document much of the history of the Braceville Fire Department in MABAS Division 15. These images are assembled with those previously submitted by Karl Klotz to produce a gallery with 21 images dating back to 1959.

Many of the rigs that Braceville has used saw previous service with other departments including Braidwood, Argonne Labs, Flossmoor, Lyondell Chemical (Quantum Chemicals), Homer Township, Northbrook, and the Oneida Wataga FPD. Apparatus manufacturers represented include Alexis, John Bean, Road Rescue, Horton, Pierce, Darley, Welch, and Pirsch.

Braceville Fire Department historic photo

This 1959 Chevy/Alexis engine carried 500 gallons of water and had a 500-GPM front mounted pump. Bill Friedrich photo

Braceville Fire Department historic photo Northbrook Fire Department

This 1989 Road Rescue ambulance saw previous service in Northbrook. Bill Friedrich photo

Braceville Fire Department historic photo

This beautiful 1965 Pirsch was rehabbed in 1980 by Pierce. It originally saw service with Argonne Labs. Bill Friedrich photo

Argonne Labs Fire Department 1965 Pirsch squad

The 1965 Pirsch squad as it originally looked when it was in service for the Argonne National Laboratory Fire Department as Engine 2. Bill Friedrich photo

Quantum Chemical Company 1979 Seagrave/Pierce 54' Squrt

This unit, shown here in service for the Quantum Chemical Company was acquired by the Braceville Fire Department several years ago. It has now been retired from Braceville and is on the roster in Dana, IL. Bill Friedich photo

Flossmoor Fire Department 1973 Ford Darley engine

Braceville purchased this engine from the Flossmoor Fire Department and has since retired it. The unit can be seen decorated for Braceville in the historic gallery. Bill Friedrich photo

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Newport Township FPD historic gallery is added

In MABAS Division 4, a historic photo gallery has been added for the Newport Township Fire Protection District. The gallery contains 48 images from the collections of Bill Friedrich, Jeff Rudolph, and Larry Shapiro dating back to 1953. Rigs are featured from Pirsch, Ward LaFrance, Pierce, Welch, and Mack including the first ambulance for the district.

Newport Township Fire Protection District

from the collection of Jeff Rudolph

Newport Township Fire Protection District

from the collection of Bill Friedrich

Newport Township Fire Protection District

from the collection of Bill Friedrich

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Grayslake Fire Department photo history

Another photographic gallery representing the current and past fleet of a department has been added. The Grayslake Fire Department in Lake County has a historic gallery featuring 28 images from Bill Friedrich and Larry Shapiro.

Grayslake Fire Department history

Grayslake Fire Department history Pirsch engine

Grayslake Fire Department history Seagrave WB engine

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Lake Villa is on the site

Lake Villa Fire Department patch

Another Lake County (Division 4) department has been added to the site. The Lake Villa Fire Department/Lake Villa Fire District/Lake Villa Rescue Squad is an interesting marriage of resources and organizations. Together, they currently occupy three fire stations in Lake Villa and Lindenhurst. The downtown station and most of the apparatus assigned there is owned by the Lake Villa Fire Department which is a private organization. They do their own fundraising in addition to being paid for contract services from the Lake Villa Fire District. The other two stations and the fire vehicles in them are owned by the Lake Villa Fire District. The ambulances in all three stations which are white and blue, are owned and staffed by the Lake Villa Rescue Squad.

Lake Villa Fire Department station

The Lake Villa Fire Department station which has been expanded three times since the original building was constructed. Photo by Hank Sajovic

The Lake Villa Fire Department station in downtown Lake Villa is an interesting building which has had three separate additions built over the years. The building now has eight bays. Each two bay addition has an engraved stone with the year of that particular addition.

Lake Villa Fire Department Engine 241 Pierce Arrow XT

All of the fire suppression equipment with the exception of a 1973 CF-Mack/Welch was made by Pierce. This includes four engines, a pumper/squad, a 105′ ladder, and two tankers of which all but one are on Dash chassis. The newest piece is a 2009, Arrow XT engine at station 1.

Lake Villa Rescue Squad Ford Osage Type III ambulance

The rescue squad currently has five Ford/Osage Type III ambulances which are painted in the traditional rescue squad color scheme of blue and white. As mentioned in a previous post HERE, there are two new ambulances on order and they will be red, and lettered for the Lake Villa Fire District as are the current units.

Lake Villa Fire District Mack CF Pierce engine

Lake Villa Mack CF Pierce engine

The Mack/Pierce engine shortly after it was purchased. It was Engine 2420 at the time, was purchased by the FIre Department and did not have the Wil-Burt Nightscan mounted on the roof. Lake Villa had been a Mack customer for many years. When Mack stopped building fire trucks, many of its customers continued to buy the CF chassis with other companies completing the unit. Lake Villa's transition to Pierce began with this unit. By the time they were ready to purchase their next vehicle, Mack was no longer offering the CF chassis. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Annandale, NJ Mack CF engine

This engine from Annandale, NJ is an example of a four-door fabricated by Mack. The rear doors are recessed, flat, and cover the step. The engine was originally built in 1981 and was updated and refurbished in 1996 by The Swab Wagon Company. Larry Shapiro photo

There are three rather uniquely interesting units on the roster in Lake Villa. One is a 1933 Pirsch antique that’s in great shape. The other two units are a throw back to a time when all of the Lake Villa engines were built by Mack on CF chassis. They have a 1973 CF-Mack that was refurbished with a new body complete with high-side compartments by Welch, and the other is a 1989/1990 CF-Mack/Pierce combination. One trait which makes this unit especially nice is the four-door conversion which was fabricated by Pierce. When Mack enclosed the CF cab with four doors, the rear doors were flat, straight, and set in from the contour of the body by several inches. Pierce fabricated the enclosure using a set of front doors for the rear of the cab which kept the same contours and body lines of the cab from the front to the rear.

Lake Villa Fire Department 1933 Pirsch antique

Lake Villa Fire Department 1968 Mack CF engine

This is one of the CF Mack engines that preceded the Pierce units in Lake Villa. Engine 621 as shown here was built in 1969 and carried 750 gallons of water with a 1,000-GPM pump. Larry Shapiro photo

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Richmond FPD is posted

Richmond FPD patchAlong the Illinois/Wisconsin border in McHenry County is the town of Richmond and the Richmond Fire Protection District. They are in Division 5 covering roughly 28 square miles from one fire station which is packed with apparatus. The design of the Richmond fire station is sightly unique in that all of the apparatus bays are in the rear of the ‘L-shaped’ building.

Richmond Fire Protection District Fire Station

The Richmond FPD station was designed in an 'L-shape' with the apparatus bays around the back of the building. Larry Shapiro photo

The department has a full-time chief and is staffed by 40 part-time firefighters. They run two engines, a truck, a tanker, two ambulances, a brush unit, two AWD ATVs and a pickup which doubles as a chase vehicle for medical runs and a take-home vehicle for the night-time shift commanders. Additionally, they have two beautiful antique engines.

Richmond FPD antique Pirsch

Several years ago, Richmond purchased a 1984 E-ONE, 110′, rear mount, single axle straight truck from Franklin Park. This was an early custom cab/chassis unit from E-ONE with the square cab. Richmond updated the emergency lighting, repainted the black roof white and did various other work to the unit before putting it in service.

Richmond FPD EONE E-ONE 110' truck X-Franklin Park

One of Richmond’s engines built in 1999 by US Tank with an enclosed top-mount pump panel has a twin unit in neighboring Spring Grove. Both feature the HME 1871 super command cab.

Richmond FPD HME US Tank pumper/tanker

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5-11 Club/Fire Buffs of Illinois Muster Highlights

CFD muster

Pumping into the antique water tower. Larry Shapiro photo

CFD antique water tower

The water tower getting supplied to flow all three guns. Larry Shapiro photo

American LaFrance Century engine

Feeding the water tower from this beautifully restored American LaFrance Century engine. Larry Shapiro photo

boy playing in water spray

Nothing beats getting wet on a hot day! Larry Shapiro photo

Classic Pirsch pumper

Classic Pirsch pumper formally from Kenosha, WI. Larry Shapiro photo

Classic Pirsch engine pumping

Another shot of the Pirsch, this time feeding the water tower. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago Ridge Pirsch

A Pirsch Quad from Chicago Ridge. Larry Shapiro photo

CFD antique water tower

The water tower with the skyline. Larry Shapiro photo

FDNY Seagrave engine

The highlight for many was the appearance of this FDNY Seagrave engine that was 'in-cognito' while traveling to NYC for delivery. Larry Shapiro photo

CFD Dodge Monaco

Beautifully restored Dodge Monaco for Battalion 7. Larry Shapiro photo

CFD Fire Academy Muster

A view of the water tower from inside the drill yard. Larry Shapiro photo

CFD antique water tower

The water tower going full force down Taylor Street. Larry Shapiro photo

CFD antique water tower

Another view looking east on Taylor. Larry Shapiro photo

boy playing in water on a hot day

The only way to enjoy the very hot day was to get wet. Larry Shapiro photo

boys playing in the spray of a fire truck

When the wind shifted, it wasn't just the young ones that got wet, everyone ran for cover. Larry Shapiro photo

American LaFrance Century pumper

At the day's end, the apparatus was positioned for photos. Larry Shapiro photo

photographers taking pictures of a fire truck

Several buffs waited for the opportunity to photograph the apparatus that was on display. Larry Shapiro photo

American LaFrance Century pumper Worthington

This beautiful American LaFrance Century pumper was a favorite for many of the visitors. Larry Shapiro

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