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Chicago apparatus updates

Jack Connors has provided us with several missing or updated images from Chicago:

Chicago Fire Department Chinatown decal

Chicago Fire Department Engine 82

Chicago Fire Department Ambulance 91

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Coming updates

Karl Klotz has sumbitted the following departments that will be posted soon:

  • Grant Park
  • Limestone
  • Momence

Jack Connors has submitted several updated CFD apparatus images:

  • Ambulance 50, 85, 38, 29, 91
  • Truck 49, 51, 42, 24, 45
  • Engine 126, 8, 82, 120
  • Battalion 20, 17

Jeff Rudolph has submitted several updated images from Skokie.

These should be posted soon.

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Chicago apparatus updates

Several Chicago rig photos have been updated, some with new units and others to present a nicer photo. Hank Sajovic, Jack Connors and Steve Redick are to thank for these images.

Chicago Fire Department Engine 69

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CFD updates

Jack Connors and Karl Klotz have been busy photographing apparatus and stations in the city. They have submitted many updates which have now been added to the site.

Chicago Fire Department engine 28's house

Engine 28's house in it's current state.

Chicago FIre Department Engine 107's house

Engine 107's house as updated with the red doors.

Chicago Fire Department engine 32

Chicago Fire Department engine 65

Chicago Fire Department engine 50

  • 6th District: 625 has been added to Engine 46’s house
Chicago Fire Department chemical unit 625

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Mundelein is on the site

Mundelein FD Sutphen 75' quint

The Mundelein Fire Department in Division 4 has two stations that are packed full of apparatus. Both stations have been added to the site with photos submitted by Jack Connors. The station photos will be added shortly along with the Mundelein patch. As mentioned previously HERE and HERE, their newest rig is a 2009 Sutphen mid-ship 75′ quint which runs out of Station 2 on Lake Street. Other than this Sutphen, their fleet of suppression vehicles are all Pierce, the newest of which is a 2003 pumper/squad.

Mundelein FD Pierce Saber pumper/squad

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updates coming soon!

It’s been several days since there has been a new posting to the site, but travel and other duties have grabbed all of the available time. Within the next few days though, several updates will be completed. Contributors have been busy photographing apparatus and it takes a bit of time to collate everything and place all the images into the proper spots.  Here though is some of what is coming:

  • Jack Connors has submitted several CFD updates as well as the Mundelein Fire Department apparatus
Mundelein FD Pierce Saber engine

Pierce Saber engine in Mundelein. Photo by Jack Connors

  • Karl Klotz has sent some updated CFD apparatus images plus he has updated photos of several CFD houses
Chicago Fire Department engine 45 station

Engine 45's house with current red doors. Photo by Karl Klotz

  • Hank, Karl, Bill and Larry (along with George Reichardt and Jeff Schielke) visited all 10 Naperville stations last week and the entire department will be updated and completed by the end of this week
Naperville FD Spartan Crimson aerial

One of two 2009 Spartan Crimson 103' rear mount quints in Naperville. Photo by Larry Shapiro

  • Larry has several Palatine and Rolling Meadows apparatus shots that are missing from the site. These were taken on-scene at a large commercial fire last Friday
Palatine FD Squad 85R Ford Excellance

Palatine Fire Department reserve squad 85 is a 1999 Ford Excellance. Larry Shapiro photo

Palatine FD EONE Engine 82 at Wings Resale Shop fire

Engine 82 is a 2000 EONE 1500 GPM pumper. Larry Shapiro photo

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Chicago apparatus updates

The following CFD apparatus photos have been updated:

The photos were submitted by Steve Redick and Jack Connors.

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Chicago Fire Department – updates

The Chicago Fire Department listings continue to be updated.  20 pieces of apparatus and one new station photo have been added thanks to submissions from Jack Connors, Karl Klotz, and Hank Sajovic.

Hank provided a shot of Engine 18’s new house.

Karl sent shots of Battalions 16 & 24.

Jack submitted the following:

Ambulances – 7, 41, 26, 59, 34, 44. Engine 94. Haz Mat Support unit 511A. Battalion 8. Trucks 59, 31, 26, 33, 42, 44, 49, 62 & TL14.

Use the CFD index to view these updates.

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final CFD stations are online

Today, the final 16 CFD firehouses were uploaded to the site! This is a milestone that we have been waiting for and required the assistance of several people to accomplish. As with many postings, this does not mean that every piece of apparatus is represented … just that each house has an active link. There is 1 (and only 1) house with no images posted at all … rigs or house, but that is an exception.  otherwise, every link has at east one … perhaps all images posted.

Four links on the CFD index listing remain inactive as of today … these are the Quinn Fire Academy, The Special Operations warehouse plus the two Air Mask locations.  These links will be activated soon.

It is possible that a list this comprehensive representing the Chicago Fire Department does not exist on any website … and when the remaining placeholders are filled this will truly be a first!

With that said, here is a listing of the current additions to the site with images submitted by Jack Connors, Karl Klotz, Steve Redick and Hank Sajovic

1st District: Engine 58, Engine 112

2nd District: Engine 68, Engine 71 and Engine 94.

4th District: Engine 57, Engine 113.

5th District: Engine 116

6th District: Engine 73, Engine 74, Engine 82, Engine 92, Engine 104, Engine 120, Engine 126 and Truck 24

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2 more CFD houses added

In the 2nd District, Engine 79‘s house is now online with images from Jack Connors and Hank Sajovic.


In the 1st District, Engine 55‘s house is online though it’s not complete. Images were provided by Hank Sajovic and Larry Shapiro.

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