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New tanker for the Stockton FPD

The Stockton FPD lost several trucks in a fire several years ago: Stockton Fire Station damaged by fire

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They just received a Freightliner/Rosenbauer tanker 22126 STOCKTON FPD, IL; #FireTruck; #Freightliner; #rosenbaueramerica; #StocktonFPD

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and from they have a 2003 IHC tanker for sale; #StocktonFPD; #FireTruck; #forsale;

department photo

thanks Martin


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Stockton fire station damaged by fire (more)

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Stockton Fire Chief Randy Baysinger said he is confident that his department is ready and able to respond to a fire or an emergency, despite the fire that ravaged the firehouse Thursday.

The late-morning fire severely damaged the building, trucks, and gear that were stored inside — six trucks, a trailer and an ATV. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, and Baysinger said final determination will be made to see if the equipment can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

“Within two hours of our fire, we had equipment from other communities, which we needed to respond to an emergency,” Baysinger said. “We want the community of Stockton to know we are still here. We are damaged, but we have what we need, thanks to others, to be able to keep them safe and be there in their time of need.”

Area fire departments have loaned the department of 30 volunteers eight spare trucks and equipment, which is being housed in a nearby building. The fire departments of German Valley, Shannon, and Scales Mound loaned them trucks and equipment. Gear was also donated from Davis, Lena, Mount Morris, Pearl City, and Polo.

He said he has heard from at least 50 other fire departments in the Midwest to see what they need.

“In emergency services you don’t hear a lot of thank-yous and sometimes you think the public takes you for granted, but it is obvious that it couldn’t be further from the truth,” Baysinger said. “People are calling from at least 100 miles away to help. It means a lot to me and the guys in the department.”

The help hasn’t stopped pouring in, either. On the day of the fire, Rick Barkau, dealer principal of Barkau Automotive, handed Baysinger a check after the fire. During the month of March, his dealership plans to donate $100 to the Stockton Fire Department for every car sold at his dealership. Chrysler plans to match the $100 for every Chrysler vehicle sold.

“Truly what really tugs at me about the fire is these guys have been there for us and the community, and they are all volunteers,” Barkau said. “I’m hoping to take them a check for $7,500 by next month. I look at our monthly average. It’s what we can do for a department that puts their lives on the line for this community. I came back after seeing that fire, and I was sick to my stomach.”

The Warren Fire Department plans to donate money they raised from their monthly steak fry to the Stockton Fire Department. The fry was held Saturday, and Warren Fire Chief Jeff Ege said they ran out of steaks and had to buy more. Some 325 steaks were served, and Ege is still tallying the money raised from the night.

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Stockton Fire Station damaged by fire

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Stockton firefighters are assessing the damage after their unoccupied firehouse caught fire Thursday morning, severely damaging the building and equipment stored inside, Stockton Police Chief LaDon Trost said.

The fire was reported about 11 a.m. and extinguished about 1:30 p.m. at the station. Some equipment, including a tanker truck, was stored in a building across the street.

“Unfortunately, all their air packs were located in the building where the fire was, so they weren’t able to gain entry,” Trost said. “They were able to work on the fire until other departments arrived.”

Authorities believe the fire started in a piece of equipment inside a pull-behind trailer, Trost said.

Stockton fire truck damaged during fire at the fire station 2-25-16.

Stockton fire truck damaged during fire at the fire station 2-25-16. reader submission

Stockton fire truck damaged during fire at the fire station 2-25-16.

reader submission

Stockton fire truck damaged during fire at the fire station 2-25-16.

reader submission

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Clad in blue jeans and hooded sweatshirts, Stockton firefighters battled a blaze that hit them where they live.

A witness reported seeing smoke coming from the village’s fire station around 11 a.m. Within minutes, volunteer firefighters were on scene from nearby agencies to help save the headquarters of the Stockton Fire Department.

No one was injured, according to Fire Chief Randy Baysinger. But the fire likely caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to firefighting equipment.

The fire likely was caused by an electrical malfunction in one of the department’s trailers, Baysinger said. The trailer was completely destroyed, as was one front-line engine. Several other vehicles were substantially damaged.

Fire departments from Stockton, Pearl City, Scales Mound, Elizabeth, Warren, Lena and Apple River assisted at the scene.

Baysinger said the department still will be able to provide fire protection for the community. Officials from neighboring fire departments have offered the use of their equipment, he said.


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