Pierce Manufacturing went live overnight with a new ‘high-tech’ looking website which is worth browsing. Totally new graphics, layouts, navigation, and offerings include plant tours, customer videos of the design process and the integration of their Flickr site as the gallery for new deliveries. This section comes with a standardized set of search criteria for the new deliveries including year, state, type of vehicle, and model type. A downside is that all of the deliveries that were posted before the introduction of the Flickr site are not accessible. Check it out HERE and hopefully all of the pages are in working order, as the initial upload was not complete.

There also appears to be a spanish version of the site as was evident at 2AM when half of the link headings were in english and the others were in spanish. There is a large emphasis on incorporating social media with Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube links. ¬†Pierce has made manuals available under the ‘Service’ link as downloads and there are plenty of videos to watch covering stories and features about their products. It is quite extensive and cutting edge for the industry.

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