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As seen around … Park Ridge

From Chicagoland_fire_photos on instagram:

a visit to park ridge station 36 

home to;
battalion 36 
tower 36 
engine 36 
ambo 36 
ambo 36r 
Park Ridge FD Tower 36

Chicagoland_fire_photos on instagram

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Box Alarm fire in Park Ridge, 5-25-21

Firefighters in Park Ridge responded to a car fire in a car port side a house at 2023 Milton Avenue in the late afternoon on Tuesday, 5/25/21. They had heavy fire upon arrival that was extending to the house. Heavy wind conditions threatened to spread flames to the adjacent houses and the Working Fire was upgraded to a MABAS Box Alarm.

Companies at the scene included all on-duty Park Ridge units plus trucks from Niles and Des Plaines. Engines at the scene included Schiller Park Engine 5 and Wheeling Engine 42 plus Northfield Squad 29, Des Plaines Squad 63, and Morton Grove Squad 4. Ambulances included North Maine Ambulance 1, Niles Ambulance 2, and Des Plaines Ambulance 62. Chief officers included North Maine Battalion 1, Des Plaines Battalion 61, Morton Grove Battalion 4, Schiller Park Battalion 5, and Niles Battalion 2. 

From Steve Redick:


house fire in Park Ridge IL

Larry Shapiro photo

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New truck for Park Ridge FD (more)

From the Pierce Flickr site:

Pierce, Park Ridge, IL, 35247-1

Pierce Enforcer Ascendant tower ladder

Pierce composite

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New truck for Park Ridge FD (more)

This from Randy Buttliere:

Park Ridge Tower 36 – Pierce job #35247
Enforcer chassis, Cummins 450, Hale 2000-GPM, Tank 500
110′ tower ladder, 35′ 2-section ground ladder
Special graphics honoring hometown high schools; Maine East Blue Demons and Maine South Red Hawks
Pierce Enforcer tower ladder

Randy Buttliere photo

fire department decal

Randy Buttliere photo

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New truck for Park Ridge FD

The new Park Ridge Truck 36 as found on Facebook

Pierce Ascendant tower ladder

thanks Danny and Scott

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House fire in Park Ridge, 4-16-20

This from Steve Redick:

Park Ridge Firefighters were called to 1304 S Prospect Avenue on Thursday afternoon. 


Pierce Saber fire engine

Steve Redick photo

Firefighters on roof of a house

Steve Redick photo

Firefighters on roof of a house

Steve Redick photo

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House fire in Park Ridge, 2-25-20

This from Steve Redick:

Took this job in Tuesday afternoon. I arrived about 10 minutes in and it was all but over. It appears they had quite a volume of fire but were able to knock it down very quickly. If you notice the Niles engine and tower ladder were set up for master stream operations but not used. The first-in Park Ridge quint was heavily damaged in a previous fire and I believe the ladder is out of service. I think it’s running without the aerial being used.
aftermath of house fire

Steve Redick photo

Firefighters stand by at house fire

Steve Redick photo

Pierce Dash CF PUC tower ladder

Steve Redick photo

E-ONE tower ladder at fire scene

Steve Redick photo

aftermath of house fire

Steve Redick photo

Pierce Dash CF PUC fire engine

Steve Redick photo

Pierce tower ladder

Steve Redick photo

pierce Enforcer fire engine

Steve Redick photo

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Park Ridge Fire Department news (more)

Excerpts from the

After learning the extent of damages to the city’s only ladder truck in the fire at the former Marathon gas station at Northwest Highway and Oakton this summer, the fire department looked for ways to streamline the process of purchasing a replacement truck. Prices are due to go up at the beginning of the year, and this month offered a small window of time to see that 2020 prices would be higher than they wanted to pay.

The old tower ladder was scheduled to be replaced in the next fiscal year because of its age, but that postpones the year-long construction process at least six more months.

The fire truck purchasing cooperative with the Houston-Galveston Area Council in Texas offers members access to detailed specifications from many fire vehicle manufacturers and gives a chance to order directly from the manufacturer.

They determined the costs for the basic truck, and that the customizing would add approximately $200,000 for the equipment and controls.

The department came back to the December Committee of the Whole to ask for a purchase order, not to exceed $1,136,103 for a rear mount ladder truck made by Pierce Manufacturing with an Enforcer cab and chassis. The measure advanced to the Monday, Dec. 16 council meeting where it passed, 6-0.

The fire department will also be applying for grant programs to help cover the costs.

thanks Bill

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Park Ridge Fire Department news

Excerpts from the

When the Park Ridge Fire Department’s tower ladder was irreparably damaged during this summer’s fire at the Marathon gas station, Fire Chief Jeff Sorensen asked to fast-track ordering of a replacement truck, which was scheduled to happen in the next fiscal year anyway.

It takes a year to get a fire truck built, and Sorensen’s efforts to order in 2019 were blocked by the Finance Committee from choosing a sole source provider.

He and the finance department are now seeking approval, officially, to have the city join the Houston-Galveston Area Council, a Texas-based buying cooperative which specializes in detailed analysis of fire department trucks. The request, for joining to get access to detailed specifications from various companies, was approved unanimously by the six council members attending Monday, Dec. 2.


Commercial fire and haz mat incident in Park Ridge, 7-17-19 (more)

Excerpts from the

While the Park Ridge Fire Department was planning to replace its tower ladder in the next year or so, the fire in July at the former Marathon gas station at Oakton and Northwest Highway has radically moved up the priorities for ordering.

Fire Chief Jeff Sorensen reported Monday night (Oct. 28) at the Committee of the Whole meeting that two of the ladder’s three sections had been damaged and no longer can be used.

United Laboratories (UL) inspected it and condemned the ladder, which failed its strength test.

The department was told that trying to repair the ladder would cost a quarter of a million dollars, and it still would not be safe to use because the new parts would not fit together well enough. Exposure to a corrosive material during the fire also degraded metal fittings and connections.

The trade-in value the 2001 aerial truck might have brought before the July fire is much reduced.

Currently they are using it as a service truck with equipment, ground ladders and provide a fire pump.

To make the tour ladder last as long as possible and reduce unnecessary mileage, the department recently outfitted Rescue 36, a smaller vehicle, to run EMS calls in place of the truck.

With mileage that now tops 79,000 miles, the department knew the truck would need to be replaced soon, but it had not scheduled ordering another until Fiscal Year 2021, which starts next May.

A new truck is estimated at $1.4 million. Advancing the delivery date by six months would be an important step forward.

After contacting companies which manufacture fire trucks to price specific features they need, the department learned that prices for all manufacturers are expected to go up after the end of the year. There are not many companies, and the sales people prefer to take orders for several at a time. It takes about a year to fill an order.

Pre-budget discussions will begin in November during capital improvement and levy consideration.

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