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New squad for Palatine (more)

This from Mike Walsh:

Saw Palatine’s new squad behind station 85 Saturday morning. Snapped a couple shots with my phone.


new fire truck for Palatine FD

Officer’s side of Palatine Squad 85. Mike Walsh photo

new fire truck for Palatine FD

New unit for Palatine Squad 85. Mike Walsh photo

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New squad for Palatine

Al Schlick spotted this online gallery featuring the new Marion squad for Palatine

new fire truck heavy rescue

New Spartan/Marion HDR for Palatine Squad 85. Marion Body Works photo

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Area apparatus updates from Marion

This from Tony Carlini:

Marion news from Tony Carlini from TcfireFranklin Park took delivery of the second engine in February
Palatine has ordered a Spartan Gladiator 20” raised roof ELFD, ISL 450 Hp engine, with a 20-foot, Marion Body Works walk-around heavy rescue. Features include; light tower, extrication setup, cascade system, and stairstep configuration with coffin compartments.
MABAS Division 20 has ordered an International 7400 2-door chassis with a Marion Body Works 27’ walk-around body to be used as a technical rescue vehicle. Features include; light tower, cord reels, pull-down stairway, two awnings, lumber storage with ramp, multiple storage compartments, and coffin storage.

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Palatine orders new squad

This from Bill Friedrich:

Approved at the Palatine City Council earlier this week, the Palatine FD placed an order for a Spartan Gladiator ELFD 20-inch raised roof chassis with a Marion Body Works 20-foot walk-around heavy rescue squad. Delivery is expected in late 2013
Tony Carlini from TC Fire
The old squad will be placed in reserve once the new vehicle arrives and is placed in service.

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