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House fire in Oak Brook, 5-12-24

From Village of Oak Brook Fire Department on Facebook:; #OakBrookFD; #pressrelease; #housefire

click to download; #housefire; #OakBrookFD;

Oak Brook FD photo; #housefire; #OakBrookFD;

Oak Brook FD photo


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Oak Brook Fire Department news

This from Martin Nowak:

Today is the wake for FF/PM Tommy Sinclair from Oak Brook Fire Department. He previously served with Robert’s Park. 

The wake is across the street from Station 2. They will have the light tower set up in an area for over flow cars to park. 
I had the opportunity to meet Tommy during my ride time years back. He was outstanding, made me feel welcomed and even taught me new things. God bless and rest easy Tommy.; #wake; #TommySinclair; #MartinNowak; #OakBrookFD; #firestation; #RobertsParkFPD;

Martin Nowak photo; #wake; #TommySinclair; #MartinNowak; #OakBrookFD; #Seagrave; #FireTruck; #RobertsParkFPD;

Martin Nowak photo; #wake; #TommySinclair; #MartinNowak; #OakBrookFD;

Martin Nowak photo

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New tower ladder for Oak Brook FD (more)

This from Tyler Tobolt:

Here is a photo of Oak Brook FD Tower 94 on the scene of a structure fire in Villa Park on 7/9/22.

2022 110′ Pierce Enforcer 1500/500 

Tower 94 went in service either on the 4th or 5th of July.; #TylerTobolt; #FireTruck; #OakBrookFD;

Tri State – USFiR Photography

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As seen around … Oak Brook

This from Larry Shapiro

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New tower ladder for Oak Brook FD (more)

This from Larry Shapiro:

I had an opportunity to photograph the new Oak Brook FD Tower 94. It should go into service mid-February.

#larryshapiro;;; #OakBrookFD; #Pierce; #PUC; #Ascendant; #FireTruck;

Larry Shapiro photo

Oak Brook FD Tower 94 production - law tag

Larry Shapiro photo

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New tower ladder for Oak Brook FD (more)

From the Pierce Facebook page:

This #Enforcer 110’ #AscendantPlatform will store extrication equipment in the front bumper and ALS equipment inside the cab compartment. The exterior compartments will store air bags and cribbing. The bottom of the platform is colored green and reflects light in the dark to create better visibility. #AerialPlatform #OakBrookIL?
Overall height: 12’ 6”
Overall length: 42’
Pump: Pierce #PUCPump, 1500 gpm 
Tank: 500-gallon
Job Number: 36171

thanks Danny

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New tower ladder for Oak Brook FD (more)

New tower ladder for Oak Brook 

Found this on Village of Oak Brook Fire Department @OakBrookFire

Oak Brook FD Tower 94

Oak Brook FD Faebook

thanks Tim

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New tower ladder for Oak Brook FD

Oak Brook FD Tower Ladder 94

click to download

thanks Rob

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MVA with extrication on I294, 4-28-21

From the Associated Firefighters of Oak Brook IAFF Local 4646 Facebook page:

This evening Oak Brook Firefighters responded to a motor vehicle accident that involved a prolonged extrication. Due to recent cuts in manpower, Oak Brook only had 2 firefighters available to man our squad and 1 firefighter available in a suv to handle this technical extrication. This incident required assistance from Berkley, Hillside, Oakbrook Terrace and York Center. The patient was extricated and transported to Loyola Hospital via helicopter.

Oak Brook Firefighters are currently working a vehicle accident with extrication on SB I294 in the area of 22nd St. Please use caution in the area.

serious damage to truck hitting another truck

Oak Brook Fire Department photo

thanks Danny

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Oak Brook Fire Department news (more)

From Associated Firefighters of Oak Brook IAFF Local 4646:

At 7:30 this morning fire department staffing has been reduced by 27% a day. These decisions were made based on the agenda of a few of the current Oak Brook Trustees and certainly not with the safety of the residents and visitors of Oak Brook in mind. As always, we will do everything we can to respond to and handle your emergencies. We just want to make everyone aware that we are no longer able to staff the same amount of ambulances and fire equipment today that we could staff yesterday. With this change you may be waiting a little longer for us to respond to your emergencies. As a matter of fact, it might not even be us responding at all. You might be waiting for an ambulance or fire engine from a completely different town!

Oak Brook Fire Department reduction in staffing

thanks Tim

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