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Kankakee Fire Chief Damon Schuldt was set to acquire a new ambulance for the fire department last week, however at least several members of the 14-member Kankakee City Council had no idea this purchase was about to take place since it was not brought to any committee to OK the expense.

At last week’s council meeting, Schuldt went over the process of seeking demonstration ambulances, which could be purchased at a lesser cost. He was recommending the purchase of a $167,379 ambulance from Alexis Fire Equipment Co.

The council members were not disputing the need for a new ambulance, but noted such a costly purchase needs to travel through the appropriate committees so aldermen are aware of what is taking place and what financial commitments are being made. Schuldt had discussed the need for a new ambulance at the committee level on at least a few occasions, but not the specifics of the Alexis ambulance. The matter was pulled back, and Schuldt said he would bring the information to the two committees for approval. The matter could come back to the council for vote in June.

Schuldt explained he did not send out bids because he was seeking demo models that would allow for a less expensive vehicle as opposed to bidding out specific requirements for a Kankakee ambulance. He received five proposals from ambulance providers. The costs ranged from the $167,379 vehicle up to the most expensive at about $245,000.

The new ambulance would replace an 11-year-old vehicle that is no longer reliable.  The department also operates with a 2017 ambulance. The newer ambulance will be paid off this year.

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New ambulance for Kankakee (more)

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A new ambulance went into service for the Kankakee Fire Department. Interim Chief Damon Schuldt made it a goal to replace a 15-year-old ambulance with more than 21,000 hours in service. The department has four ambulances total. 

The purchase price of the 2017 Ford F-450 four-wheel drive Wheeled Coach Company ambulance was $160,000.

Schuldt said that was $20,000 less since it was a demo and the department took quick delivery.

Just as quick was getting the ambulance ready to put in service within six days of taking delivery. It usually takes two weeks to a month to get an ambulance into service, Schuldt said.

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