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New tanker for Homer Township FPD

From the Sutphen Corporation Facebook page:

Congratulations to the Homer Township Fire Protection District on the purchase of your new Sutphen/ commercial chassis tanker! Can’t wait to deliver this bad boy! Check back in late June 2018 for some great delivery pics.


drawing of new fire truck

thanks Ron

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New engine for Homer Township

This from Bill Friedrich:

On 9-11-2012, Homer Township FPD Chief Bob Tutko and the members of Black Shift had a ceremony to place Engine 32 in service.  At 1440 hrs, Wescom Dispatch cracked the speakers and officially placed the new engine in service. Pete Lomardi from Fire Service Inc sold this rig to them.

Homer Township FPD Engine 32 new engine

Homer Township Engine 32 is a 2012 E-ONE on a Typhoon chassis with a 1,500-GPM pump and 1,000 gallons of water. Bill Friedrich photo

Fire Department wet down of new engine in Homer Township IL

Wet down of the new engine. Bill Friedrich photo

Fire Department wet down of new engine in Homer Township IL

Pushing the ring into the house. Bill Friedrich photo


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New engine for Homer Township FPD

Fire Service, Inc. posted images of a new E-ONE engine for Homer Township.

Homer Township FPD gets new E-ONE engine

Fire Service, Inc. photo

Homer Township Fire Protection District new engine

Fire Service, Inc. photo

thanks Josh

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New engine coming to Homer Township

There will be several changes to the Homer Township apparatus fleet in the coming months. Several units will be leaving the department and a new engine is on order.

  • On order is a stainless steel E-ONE Typhoon for Engine 32. Expected in July, it will have a 1,500-GPM pump and a 1,000-gallon water tank.

Three units are leaving the department including:

  • Tanker 34, a 1984 Spartan Gladiator/Pierce 1250/2500 pumper/tanker
Homer Township FPD Engine 34 Spartan Pierce pumper tanker

The tanker as it looked before being taken out of service. Karl Klotz photo

Homer Township FPD Engine 6823 Spartan Pierce pumper tanker

Perviously the unit carried the umber 6823. Larry Shapiro photo

Homer Township FPD Tanker 827 Spartan Pierce pumper tanker

When the tanker was delivered, it had open jump seats, was painted lime green, and was lettered for Tanker 827. Larry Shapiro photo


  • Truck 32, a 1995 Pierce Lance 105′ rear mount aerial ladder truck 0/0


Homer Township FPD Truck 32 1995 Pierce Lance 105' aerial

  • Engine R3 a 2003 Pierce Saber top-mount 1250/750 pumper

Homer Township FPD Engine R3 2006 Pierce Saber

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Braceville Fire Department history added

Bill Friedrich has submitted 17 images of apparatus which document much of the history of the Braceville Fire Department in MABAS Division 15. These images are assembled with those previously submitted by Karl Klotz to produce a gallery with 21 images dating back to 1959.

Many of the rigs that Braceville has used saw previous service with other departments including Braidwood, Argonne Labs, Flossmoor, Lyondell Chemical (Quantum Chemicals), Homer Township, Northbrook, and the Oneida Wataga FPD. Apparatus manufacturers represented include Alexis, John Bean, Road Rescue, Horton, Pierce, Darley, Welch, and Pirsch.

Braceville Fire Department historic photo

This 1959 Chevy/Alexis engine carried 500 gallons of water and had a 500-GPM front mounted pump. Bill Friedrich photo

Braceville Fire Department historic photo Northbrook Fire Department

This 1989 Road Rescue ambulance saw previous service in Northbrook. Bill Friedrich photo

Braceville Fire Department historic photo

This beautiful 1965 Pirsch was rehabbed in 1980 by Pierce. It originally saw service with Argonne Labs. Bill Friedrich photo

Argonne Labs Fire Department 1965 Pirsch squad

The 1965 Pirsch squad as it originally looked when it was in service for the Argonne National Laboratory Fire Department as Engine 2. Bill Friedrich photo

Quantum Chemical Company 1979 Seagrave/Pierce 54' Squrt

This unit, shown here in service for the Quantum Chemical Company was acquired by the Braceville Fire Department several years ago. It has now been retired from Braceville and is on the roster in Dana, IL. Bill Friedich photo

Flossmoor Fire Department 1973 Ford Darley engine

Braceville purchased this engine from the Flossmoor Fire Department and has since retired it. The unit can be seen decorated for Braceville in the historic gallery. Bill Friedrich photo

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