From the City of Evanston:

The men and women of the Evanston Fire Department would like to extend a sincere thank you to Chief Brian Scott for his years of dedicated service and leadership. The Evanston Fire Department is better today than the day he was hired in large part due to his vision, leadership, and unbelievable work ethic.

His leadership started impacting our department from the moment he was hired. Chief Scott helped shape our operations and training through committee leadership and further molded our department as Local 742’s president and ultimately our fire chief.

Brian Scott’s fingerprints are found throughout EFD and the City of Evanston. By working tirelessly as Local 742’s president during the 2010 layoffs, he played an instrumental role in regaining the best services possible for the citizens of Evanston. As the fire chief, Brian’s leadership has earned the department an ISO Class 1 rating, EFD has implemented an apprenticeship program for future firefighters, and started a community based para-medicine program called (ECHO). Today, the members of the Evanston Fire Department are able to serve the people of Evanston to the best of our abilities because of his vision and leadership.

While it is difficult to see you go, we’d like to thank Chief Scott for leaving EFD better than he found it.   


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