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new CFD trucks assigned

Chicago Trucks 56 and 62 were heard on the radio today going to the academy for training on their new apparatus.

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Updates to website

Several photos have been updated on the site, a few of which have been shown in the blog:

MABAS Division 11, Oak Park Fire Department; Dan McInerney submitted a shot of Station 2

Chicago Fire Department: (photos by Gordon J. Nord, Jr.)

Engine 60‘s new rig photo has been updated

Truck 31‘s new rig photo has been updated

Truck 51‘s new rig photo has been updated

Midway Airport ARFF 6-5-1 has a photo of the new apparatus


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CFD apparatus updates

Josh Boyajian noticed that Crimson has delivered another 103′ rear mount aerial to Chicago. See the Crimson delivery photos HERE.

Chicago Fire Department Engine 109

Engine 109 was assigned D-640 which was previously assigned to Engine 60. Gordon J. Nord, Jr. photo

In addition, Josh saw that Gordon J. Nord, Jr. took a photo of Engine 109’s new assignment of D-640, Engine 60’s previous unit, which can be seen HERE along with other recent CFD deliveries.


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