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Fire Service news – technology update

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The Duluth Fire Department recently put a new apparatus into service adding a features unique to the vehicle. 

The HAAS safety cloud … a system that alerts drivers using Apple maps, or Waze, or those that have a Jeep, Chrysler or Dodge that’s 2008 or newer. This system will alert them when a fire truck is approaching and attempts to determine if the apparatus and private vehicle will intersect either head on or from the side. It will tone down the stereo and it will pop up an alert saying ‘warning, emergency vehicle approaching’.

Once the apparatus arrives on scene and is placed in park, the vehicle automatically will set up a surrounding geofence. 

“Any vehicle that’s going to be intersecting that fire truck or that scene is alerted that there’s an emergency scene ahead,” said Deputy Chief Mike Consie. “And what that does for us, especially on I-35, is really important to slow drivers down, to reduce accidents and fatalities. We also are excited about it from the standpoint that it helps our community be alerted and not be surprised when we pop up on them, because with vehicles being more soundproof now, it’s a little bit harder to hear our sirens.”

The fire department hopes to eventually retrofit their current vehicles with this new technology. 

“Another benefit as we get this and more apparatus, we can upgrade the software and the technology to do driver training. So when two fire trucks are going to intersect each other, it will flash and indicate that there’s an emergency vehicle approaching,” said Consie. “This is just one more layer that prevents accidental collision with fire apparatus.”

This alert system has been proven to work in other areas, saving lives. 

“Grand Rapids, Michigan had a huge problem with collisions on the interstate,” Concise said. “Right before they put this into their vehicles, they were actually looking at buying just cheap fire trucks that are like used somewhere, and they would run to fire trucks on scene and use one for a blocking agent. But now with the institution of the system, they don’t actually need that extra blocking edge, and it’s greatly reduced their near misses on the freeway.”

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Peoria Fire Department news

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The Peoria Fire Department released more details Thursday evening about a fire earlier in the day that led to an emergency mayday call when a firefighter got separated from his crew while fighting a fire that destroyed a home in the 2200 block of Northeast Madison Avenue, in Peoria’s North Valley.

Firefighters got the call about 10:50 a.m., and they spent about 4 1/2-hours on the scene.

The mayday call came when several firefighters were attacking fire in the basement. The firefighter became separated from the group, and a Rescue Intervention Team (RIT) found the firefighter, who was not injured.

Forty three firefighters were at the scene. Because of heat, fire, and heavy smoke, firefighters were not able to prevent the fire from spreading to the first floor, which eventually collapsed into the basement.

An emergency demolition of the home was ordered, and damage was estimated at more than $100,000.

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Palatine Firefighter Memorial Ceremony

Please see attached press release about the Village of Palatine’s Line of Duty Death Memorial on Sunday October 1st , 2023.  On this date 77 years ago, Firefighters Wesley Comfort, Jr. and Leonard Nebel were struck by a train at Brockway Street as they responded from the Slade Street Fire Station for the report of a house fire.  The Palatine Fire Department will hold a ceremony at the Palatine Firefighter’s Memorial at the corner of N. Brockway Street and W. Slade Street in downtown Palatine at approximately 9:00 AM.  Please help us remember the lives lost on this tragic day.

Palatine Firefighter Memorial Ceremony

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New ambulance for the Bloomingdale FPD

This from Tim Right:

Here is a shot of the new International Bloomingdale Medic 23 deliver sometime last month. 

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