The Prospect Heights Fire Protection is proud to announce it has taken delivery of its 2020 Alexis/Spartan rescue pumper. It is outfitted with a 1500-GPM pump, a 750-gallon water tank, and 60-gallon Class B foam tank for the around-the-pump foam system. The clean cab concept was used and all PPE, SCBA, and tools will be carried in the compartment behind the cab. Only EMS gear will be carried in the cab.  The apparatus sports our new appearance (all red with grey stripe and door logo) that we adopted with the 2017 and 2018 rechassis of two ambulances. The signature SQUAD 9 was adopted as it is replacing our Alexis/Freightliner squad pumper. It will carry all of the squad’s gear and will run out of Station 9. The current Engine 9 will be reassigned as Engine 39. The 2001 ALF/Alexis pumper will be placed into reserve. This will ensure that when a frontline apparatus goes down we will have a pumper with sufficient GPM capacity, 1500 feet of LDH, and 750 gallons of water serving in its place. While we originally set out to replace the 2001 ALF/Alexis, we determined that keeping it was a better option than keeping the Alexis/Freightliner with its 500-gallon tank, 1000-GPM pump, and only 600 feet of LDH. Late last year we reviewed how the new apparatus would fit into the fleet and responses, and it was determined it really is a squad and would be best at Station 9. Our officers rotate stations so they felt it wouldn’t matter which firehouse received the new apparatus.

Alexis rescue pumper

Prospect Heights FPD photo

This apparatus was the result of a committee than began in September of 2018 and conducted meetings for about eight months before requesting proposals. In June of 2019, the proposals were opened and at the August 2019 Board of Trustees meeting the purchase was approved. Construction commenced in September 2019 and proceeded until COVID-19 shut down plant operations for a short period. After a few change orders we have finally arrived at delivery and couldn’t be happier with the final product. This is the fifth Alexis apparatus for the PHFD.  Four were purchased using competitive bids. The tanker was an emergency purchase.