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Harvard Fire Protection District news

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Glenview Battalion Chief Lawrence Kane will report for duty Monday as the Harvard Fire Protection District’s new fire chief. He was selected to be the new chief following a candidate review and evaluation performed by the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association. Following this process, two names were presented to the board for final consideration. After two rounds of interviews Kane was selected.

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Fire service news

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The idea behind Rosenbauer America’s all-electric concept fire truck is a fire truck for the future. The vehicle is designed to be more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional fire trucks and reduce carcinogens in stations and on scene, resulting in decreased exposure to cancer-causing exhaust.

“It’s a 475-horsepower, battery-operated fire truck. It has a sustainability at about an hour to two hours as far as electric charge,” John Slawson, CEO of Rosenbauer America, said while showing the truck at the Phoenix Fire Training Academy. “We have a battery extender with an exclusive 6-liter diesel engine,” he added. “That provides an additional eight hours of service without recharging.”

The world’s first electric fire truck is unlike anything previously seen in the industry. It’s nearly silent and accelerates quickly and stops on a dime, attributes Rosenbauer says are crucial for firefighters. The truck includes large screens on the dash for the officer to use. It has no side mirrors, making it easier to get around in tight spaces. Instead, there are cameras with interior monitors.

Los Angeles is the first fire department in North America to buy one. Rosenbauer has also sold them to departments in Berlin, Dubai, Oslo and Copenhagen.

Rosenbauer prototype electric fire truck

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Apartment fire in Deerfield, 2-4-20

Deerfield-Bannockburn firefighters were called to 401 Kelburn Road around noon on Tuesday (2/4/20) for more in the building. Engine 20 arrived and reported a fire in a 2nd floor apartment. They pulled a line to attack the fire which was held in check and extinguished with the help of the building’s sprinkler system. Mutual and automatic aid units were held up shortly after being dispatched.

Deerfield-Bannockburn FPD Truck 20

Max Weingardt photo

Deerfield-Bannockburn FPD Ambulance 19

Max Weingardt photo

Deerfield-Bannockburn FPD Engine 20

Max Weingardt photo

Deerfield-Bannockburn FPD Squad 19

Max Weingardt photo

Deerfield-Bannockburn FPD Battalion 20

Max Weingardt photo

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