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Tri-State Fire Protection District news

Excerpts from the

Former Tri-State Fire Trustee Micheal Orrico Charged With Crime 

Justice is slow in Illinois, but at least there does appear to be hope when it comes to holding public officials accountable, and this is a perfect example of how we can make a difference.

In August of 2015,  this article, clearly pointed out what we believed was a violation of the law by then Tri-State Fire Protection District Trustee Micheal Orrico.  Specifically, I reported Mr. Michael Orrico sells fire equipment for Fire Service, Inc.  What did he say about his employment in his Economic Disclosure Statement for his trustee position (page 55 of the pdf)? Not a word:”

What did we say was the consequence for nondisclosure?

(5 ILCS 420/4A-107) Any person required to file a statement of economic interests under this Article who willfully files a false or incomplete statement shall be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.

We are proud to see that the Darien Police Department investigated this alleged crime and found the same thing that we reported!

September 13, 2016, an arrest warrant was issued for Micheal Orrico

The charge:  Filing a False Statement of Economic Interest in violation of the following Illinois Compiled Statute 5 ILCS 420/4A-107

It’s encouraging to see enforcement of our laws against those alleged to have violated them.  Public officials statewide should pay attention to this matter as we believe this is the FIRST time we have seen this particular law enforced and will hopefully be the beginning of holding violators accountable.

thanks Dan & Scott

The documents can be viewed HERE

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South Chicago Heights Fire Department news

This from Brad Steinweg:

I came across this on Google street view last night. South Chicago Heights now has a new station located on Sauk Trail and the one on Jackson AVE is now closed. Not sure how long this new station has been in use.

-Brad S.

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New ambulance for Pleasantview FPD

From the Foster Coach Sales Facebook page:

Brand new Horton conversion on a Ford E450 chassis

Pleasantview FPD ambulance

New ambulance for the Pleasantview FPD. Foster Coach Sales photo

Pleasantview FPD ambulance

Foster Coach Sales photo

rear of new ambulance with chevron striping

Foster Coach Sales photo

new ambulance interior

Foster Coach Sales photo

new ambulance interior

Foster Coach Sales photo

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Sycamore Fire Department news

Excerpts from midweek

About 150 community members filled the Sycamore fire station Saturday morning to eat pancakes and to take a closer look at the newly restored 1923 Stutz fire engine.

The breakfast was a fundraiser to help find a permanent location to display the engine. Retired Fire Chief Gene Ege, who also is president of the Sycamore Fire Preservation Company, said the group recently completed the bodywork on the truck after it was dormant for several years.

“We formed in 2000 when we first got word that the fire truck was available from a collector to bring back to Sycamore,” Ege said. “It was the first motorized fire engine to pump water in Sycamore. The truck they had before this was a chemical truck – like a fire extinguisher on wheels. This was the first engine that would actually hook to a hydrant and pump water.”

It was in operation from 1923 to 1957.

“In 1966, it was sold at a public auction because they didn’t have room to keep it,” Ege said. “It went through three or four different collectors until 2000.”

A collector in Indiana contacted the city and gave Sycamore the opportunity to buy it

“It still had our name on the hood,” Ege said.

The group raised money and bought the truck in August 2001. Ege said that when 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina hit the country, the restoration efforts for the truck were put on hold.

“Money was needed elsewhere, but then three years ago we started fundraising again,” Ege said.

Ege said the entire cost of the project has been donor funded; no city money has been used. Marty and Sons Body Shop in Sycamore worked on the $25,000 restoration project for a year and a half.

Sycamore History Museum Executive Director Michelle Donahoe said the museum board and the preservation group are in discussions to find a permanent location to display the truck.

“It’s an important piece of Sycamore’s history, so we’re trying to be creative and come up with different ideas to get a permanent home for it,” Donahoe said. “We’re in the early stages, but I think it’s a good fit.”

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