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Naperville wants to consolidate dispatch with Aurora

Excerpts from the

Naperville officials want to team up with Aurora on consolidating 911 services, a cost-saving move that would create one group of dispatchers managing emergency calls for both towns, Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico said this week. The idea is Naperville’s latest move to consolidate services with neighboring municipalities to save taxpayer money.

“Many of you know that Naperville and Aurora back up each other’s 911 service already, and we share a radio system, … our cities also provide mutual aid when emergencies occur.”

Aurora has not yet formally responded to Naperville’s proposal, but officials say they are open to exploring ways to work together.

“We have voluntarily cooperated over the years,” said Carie Anne Ergo, Aurora’s chief management officer. “To the tune of, really, millions of dollars (saved).”

Naperville is proposing a partnership with the neighboring towns of Warrenville and Lisle to create fire protection without boundaries. Under this concept, emergency situations requiring fire or ambulance service could be handled by whichever department has the closest units available, regardless of whether the call comes from inside or outside the caller’s town.

Naperville Fire Chief Mark Puknaitis said Tuesday his staff is talking to officials in both towns to see how they might be able to help each other. For example, Warrenville does not have an aerial. Instead of buying one, Naperville could provide one of theirs when it’s needed in Warrenville.

… “if a Lisle vehicle is closer to a Naperville call, it goes,” Puknaitis said. “It’s just working smarter and not worrying about territories.”

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Carpentersville Fire Department news (more)

Carpentersville effects the layoff of two firefighters.


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House fire in Park Ridge, 4-27-16 (more)

A few additional photos from yesterday’s house fire at 1205 Hoffman Avenue in Park Ridge.

IMG_8519 IMG_8517

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House fire in Park Ridge, 4-27-16

This from Larry Shapiro:

Park Ridge firefighters were called to 1205 Hoffman Avenue just after 7PM Wednesday evening (4/27/16) for a reported house fire. First arriving units reported heavy smoke from the attic of a single-family house and began an interior attack. The alarm was upgraded to a Code 4 for the working fire about 10 minutes later as flames vented through the roof. The fire was contained shortly thereafter and mutual aid companies that had not yet arrived were returned.

There were no injuries. Companies at the scene included Park Ridge Engines 35 & 36,  Ambulances 35 & 36, Rescue & Battalion 36 plus 3500. Mutual aid units were Niles Ambulance and Tower 2, North Maine Engine and Battalion 1, Glenview Engine 7, Lincolnwood Ambulance 15, and Rosemont Truck 158.

The fire was declared to be under control as I arrived.

Pierce fire engine at fire scene

Larry Shapiro photo

smoke from house fire in Park Ridge

Larry Shapiro photo

smoke from house fire

Larry Shapiro photo

E-ONE fire engine at fire scene

Larry Shapiro photo

Spartan fire engine at fire scene

Larry Shapiro photo

firefighters stand by as RIT

Larry Shapiro photo

firefighters with hose line at fire scene

Larry Shapiro photo

Niles FD Tower  2 Pierce Dash CF tower ladder at fire scene

Larry Shapiro photo

Pierce fire engine at fire scene

Larry Shapiro photo

more photos at

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