As some of you may or may not have heard, Mike Solberg, one of the guys on our department, has been battling brain cancer since he first got sworn in three years ago. Since diagnosed, he has been working shifts, raising his 4 year old daughter, and being one of the greatest guys I know, despite battling stage four brain cancer.  Sadly, in June Mike had to return to Northwestern, and have a second brain surgery, as the cancer had come back and spread with a vengeance. The last surgery left Mike paralyzed on the left side and unable to return to the job he absolutely LOVES.

So, with that being said, we are throwing him a benefit at Dirty Nellies (in Palatine) on December 13th, with hopes of raising enough money to help with medical bills, and help his family for years to come.  He is an amazing guy, with and amazing spirit and family! I hope that you all can forward this email out to all of your guys and gals, send it to friends, fellow firemen or anyone looking to help someone and have a good time!  I have attached the event flyer, but later this week we will also be obtaining 11×17 inch posters to post at fire departments.  However, until then, it would be great of you to forward this to your departments and help us spread the word for Mike.

I have attached the event flyer for more information regarding the event.  Have a great week and please call or email me, anytime with any questions regarding this event. 😉

My best,

Jenna Werdell

Schaumburg FD & NIPSTA Fire Academy instructor

Solberg benefit flyer