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Beyond our borders …

This from across the pond:

My name is Paul Dodd, I am a paramedic working for the London Ambulance Service, England. Myself and my colleague Stuart Gray, also a London paramedic, have produced an e-book which is available on Kindle or Kindle APP.
The book is titled ‘101 dumb emergency calls‘, which is all about the ridiculous calls received by the emergency services. The book is produced with humour in mind, but there is also a serious aspect and readers will see what some people call the emergency services for, therefore potentially putting other people’s lives at risk.
I thank you in advance.
Paul Dodd
Stuart Gray
101 Dumb Emergency Calls cover
This is from Amazon:
101 Dumb Emergency Calls is a collation of the most stupid and irrelevant calls to the emergency services that have been highlighted in the media in recent times. Mostly from the USA and UK, they bring into sharp focus the extent of the abuse of our critical life-saving services.With cartoons to depict calls and hyperlinks to take the reader to the original audio (some of them released in the public domain by the police and ambulance services in order to show the world how badly a minority of individuals will misuse valuable resources), this book promises to amuse and shock every right-minded person who understands what these services are here for.

The author and illustrator are professional front line paramedics, so they know a thing or two about the subject; and from calls to the police for directions to 999 rants about the lack of buses, they have experienced their fair share of such stupidity.

You won’t believe some of the calls that have been made in the name of personal crisis. You simply won’t believe what some people think is an emergency!

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Chicago FD chief talks about fire safety on TV

Steve Chikerotis from the Chicago Fire Department explains why being careful with candles, space heaters and extension cords is critical to avoiding fires. He also offers advice for putting out grease fires.

This on the Today Show:

thanks Dan

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New ambulance for Hillside

This from Ryan Wyckoff:

2014 Ford E-450/Medtec.  Replaces 1999 Road Rescue

Medtec ambulance photo

New 2014 Ford E-450/Medtec ambulance for Hillside. Ryan Wyckof photo

Ford E-450 chassis for ambulance

Ryan Wyckoff photo

picture of new fire department ambulance

Ryan Wyckoff photo

chevron striping on ambulance

Rear chevron striping. Ryan Wyckoff photo

ambulance interior

Interior of new ambulance. Ryan Wyckoff photo

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