North Maine District Chief Mike Fox has updated us again on the progression of Engine 1R into Engine 1. The 1992 Pierce Arrow reserve engine has been undergoing rehab and upgrades at Alexis Fire Equipment for several months. As mentioned in a previous post, when it is completed, it will move up as the front line engine replacing the 2003 American LaFrance Eagle. General body work, the addition of high sides on the officer’s side, air conditioning, and an extended chrome bumper with front intake represent several areas being worked on in addition to the changeover from a white cab roof to black. Previous posts can be seen HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE (or simply enter North Maine into the search field at the right)

The unit recently came out of the paint shop and the folks at Alexis took some photos which are shown below.

North Maine FPD Engine 1

Driver's side view of Engine 1 with the new color scheme. Alexis photo

North maine FPD engine 1

Rear view of the driver's side after coming out of the paint shop. Alexis photo

North Maine FPD engine 1

Officer's side of Engine 1 showing the completed high side compartments, Alexis photo