The Lake-County News Sun has an article about the North Chicago Fire Department receiving a grant for new air packs:

The North Chicago Fire Department has been selected to receive a grant from the Illinois State Fire Marshal’s Office in the amount of $26,000. Officials said the funds will assist in the purchase 30 new self-contained breathing apparatus units.

In the world of firefighting, the equipment is essential when entering hazardous atmospheres to control fire quickly and prevent loss of life, according to North Chicago Fire Chief Dell Urban. The equipment includes cylinders, harnesses and face masks that feature heads-up displays and rapid intervention crew universal air connections.

These funds provide a benefit outside of the city as well, because the North Chicago Fire Department shares district borders with the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center and Naval Station Great Lakes. The North Chicago Fire Department is also dedicated to responding alongside neighboring communities through its commitment to the Northern Illinois Mutual Aid Box Agreement System.

“I am sincerely excited for this opportunity, which affords our firefighters the fundamental and critical equipment we use on a daily basis,” Urban said. “This state-of-the-art protective gear gives us the ability to safely perform aggressive interior attacks, accomplish rescues of trapped and injured occupants, and provide protection from the obvious hazards of firefighting.”


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