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Funeral for Retired North Chicago FF Roger M Belski

This from Tim Olk:

Funeral For Retired North Chicago FF Roger M Belski

bugler playing taps

Tim Olk photo

widow of Firefighter receives flag

Tim Olk photo

fire department funeral

Tim Olk photo

fire department funeral

Tim Olk photo

fire department funeral

Tim Olk photo

fire department funeral

Tim Olk photo

fire department funeral

Tim Olk photo

fire department funeral

Tim Olk photo

fire department funeral

Tim Olk photo

fire department funeral

Tim Olk photo


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Area ambulances from AEV

This from Josh Boyajian:

From the Alexis website –

New Ambos

  • North Chicago FD
  • McHenry Fire Dist
  • Long Grove FD
  • Elk Grove Township FD
  • Beech Park FD
  • Zion FD
  • Bloomingdale FD


AEV ambulance Type I

Bloomingdale Fire District ambulance. Alexis photo

AEV ambulance Type I

Zion FD ambulance. Alexis photo

AEV ambulance Type I

North Chicago FD ambulance. Alexis photo

AEV ambulance Type I

McHenry Township FPD ambulance. Alexis photo

AEV ambulance Type I

Long Grove FPD ambulance. Alexis photo

AEV ambulance Type I

Elk Grove Township FD ambulance. Alexis photo

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North Chicago receives federal grant

From the Lake County News-Sun:

The oxygen tanks firefighters use to enter burning buildings or when smoke conditions outside are dangerous are essential — and North Chicago’s Fire Department is celebrating because it can finally replace its old ones.

“Our old equipment was from 2002 and it was so obsolete that we couldn’t repair it. They no longer made the parts for it,” Fire Chief Dell Urban said.

This week the department announced it had obtained 30 new self-contained breathing apparatuses, a significant upgrade over the old equipment, with the help of a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant. They also got a new Cascade system, which refills the bottles.

“The new ones have built in safety provisions and they increase our air from 30 minutes to 45 minutes so we have more time for search and recovery,” Urban said.

They will also have emergency oxygen bottles for when a firefighter gets trapped inside a structure that gives rescuers 60 minutes of air time.

The equipment cost $195,000. The federal share is 90 percent or $175,500, while the city has to cover 10 percent of the cost or $19,500. The North Chicago City Council approved its share last week.

The grant money came from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program, administered by FEMA in cooperation with the department’s United States Fire Administration.

Each breathing apparatus bought with the grant money will include a high-pressure, 45-minute air bottle, breathing regulator, frame, harness, full face piece, and a spare bottle. The new equipment is expected to have a 10-year service life.

thanks Dan

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North Chicago Fire Department receives state grant

The Lake-County News Sun has an article about the North Chicago Fire Department receiving a grant for new air packs:

The North Chicago Fire Department has been selected to receive a grant from the Illinois State Fire Marshal’s Office in the amount of $26,000. Officials said the funds will assist in the purchase 30 new self-contained breathing apparatus units.

In the world of firefighting, the equipment is essential when entering hazardous atmospheres to control fire quickly and prevent loss of life, according to North Chicago Fire Chief Dell Urban. The equipment includes cylinders, harnesses and face masks that feature heads-up displays and rapid intervention crew universal air connections.

These funds provide a benefit outside of the city as well, because the North Chicago Fire Department shares district borders with the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center and Naval Station Great Lakes. The North Chicago Fire Department is also dedicated to responding alongside neighboring communities through its commitment to the Northern Illinois Mutual Aid Box Agreement System.

“I am sincerely excited for this opportunity, which affords our firefighters the fundamental and critical equipment we use on a daily basis,” Urban said. “This state-of-the-art protective gear gives us the ability to safely perform aggressive interior attacks, accomplish rescues of trapped and injured occupants, and provide protection from the obvious hazards of firefighting.”


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New contract for North Chicago firefighters

The Lake County News Sun has an article about a new contract for the North Chicago firefighters.

The North Chicago City Council on Monday unanimously approved a new five-year contract with the city’s firefighters’ union.

The agreement calls for an 11.5 percent wage increase over the life of the contract, which ends in 2017.

“I think it was a fair contract for both sides,” Mayor Leon Rockingham said on Tuesday, Jan. 7. “Neither side got everything they wanted. But it’s an agreement we can both live with.”

The agreement contains other changes to compensation. Firefighters will now reach the top of their pay scale at nine years, faster than the previous 10 years. Under a new sick leave policy, an incentive of 72 hours pay will be awarded to firefighters who reach an excess of 560 hours with no hours used. Firefighters may accrue up to 1,440 hours of sick leave.

Illinois Association of Firefighters Local 3271 President Josh Monroe, a lieutenant in the North Chicago department, said the new agreement was ratified by the 30-member union on Dec. 10. The vote was 15-8.

“We, of course, want to work with the city, but at the same time, the economy is tough for everybody,” said Monroe, an 11-year veteran of the department.

Bargaining for the new contract, which replaces a four-year agreement that ended last year, began in May 2013.

thanks Dan

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North Chicago FD updates

The Lake County News-Sun has an article about the North Chicago Fire Department receiving approval for a new ambulance.

Dell Urban, the first full-time female career fire chief in Lake County, was formally appointed to the post in August 2012. … the council voted this week to unanimously approve requests, including a new ambulance and an increase in the department’s number of lieutenants from six to seven … When Urban, 44, took over the department which hired her in 1991 as its first female firefighter paramedic, her crew numbered 25. By next month, sworn officers will total 34.

Urban on Monday, Oct. 7, asked [for] and received a reversal on a 2011 council decision to decrease by one the number of department lieutenants which, she said, caused an imbalance of command staff on work shifts. “Now we’ll have a shift commander, lieutenant and nine paramedic/firefighters on each shift,” she said.

The increase in personnel came after the department, under Urban, landed $832,741 in Federal Emergency Management Agency funds to hire six trained “front-line” firefighters. The grant pays the first two years of salary for the new hires.

Urban is also psyched about the approval for the purchase of a new, $140,000 [ambulance], a replacement for one of the department’s three.

The council also approved, … a tentative intergovernmental agreement that will allow the department to bill for mutual aid ambulance calls. The agreement, which must also be approved by participating departments in Gurnee, Waukegan, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, Winthrop Harbor, Zion, and the Newport and Beach Park fire protection districts, will allow for billing at the home community’s rate. In North Chicago, that’s $400 for basic first aid service and $900 …  for advanced life support


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North Chicago Gets Grant for New Hires

The North Chicago Fire Department received a FEMA grant allowing for the hire of five new firefighters. The Lake County News-Sun has a brief article HERE with a photo now that the personnel have been hired.

Five new North Chicago firefighter/paramedics were sworn in on Monday, May 20, and the new hires aren’t costing the city a cent.

Their salaries for the first two years of employment will be paid for through $832,741 in federal grant money, an amount that will also pay the first three years for a sixth firefighter, a veteran of the U.S. Army, who will be sworn in at a later date.

Previous mention of the grant is HERE.

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4th Alarm house fire in Wadsworth 4-30-13 (pt 4)

More from Scott Peterson:

Not an inclusive photo gallery but many of the apparatus at Newports 4th alarm.

Beach Park FPD Tender 1265

Beach Park FPD Tender 1265. Scott Peterson photo

Bristol, WI Tender 5214

Bristol, WI Tender 5214. Scott Peterson photo

Countryside FPD Tender 411

Countryside FPD Tender 411. Scott Peterson photo

Grayslake Tender 2761

Grayslake Tender 2761. Scott Peterson photo

Gurnee Engine 1311

Gurnee Engine 1311. Scott Peterson photo

Libertyville Engine 463

Libertyville Engine 463. Scott Peterson photo

fire engines at fire scene

Engine and tender from Newport Township. Scott Peterson photo

Newport Engine 1458

Newport Engine 1458. Scott Peterson photo

Newport Township FPD

Newport Tender 1411. Scott Peterson photo

North Chicago Engine 4

North Chicago Engine 4. Scott Peterson photo

Pleasant Prairie WI Tender 5612.

Pleasant Prairie WI Tender 5612. Scott Peterson photo

Somers WI Tender 6361

Somers WI Tender 6361. Scott Peterson photo

Town of Salem Tender 5868

Town of Salem Tender 5868. Scott Peterson photo

Twin Lakes WI Tender 6565

Twin Lakes WI Tender 6565. Scott Peterson photo

Winthrop Harbor Truck 1731

Winthrop Harbor Truck 1731. Scott Peterson photo

Zion Fire Department

Zion truck. Scott Peterson photo

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4th Alarm house fire in Wadsworth 4-30-13 (pt 3)

Another series from Scott Peterson:

Pics of the water supply operation and panoramic pictures.

rural water supply at house fire

McHenry tender waiting to dump. Scott Peterson photo

rural water supply at house fire

Scene overview. Scott Peterson photo

Wadsworth house gutted by fire

Overview looking towards the fire building from water supply. Scott Peterson photo

rural water supply at house fire

Two tankers filling the portable tanks. Scott Peterson photo

rural water supply at house fire

Two portable tanks setup at the end of the block. Scott Peterson photo

rural water supply at house fire

Operations are visible down the street from the water supply operations. Scott Peterson photo

rural water supply at house fire

Porta-tank tie in. Scott Peterson photo

rural water supply at house fire

Newport and North Chicago engines drafting from the portable tanks. Scott Peterson photo

View part 1 here, and part 2 here.

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Federal grant for North Chicago

According to the City of North Chicago website:

Federal Grant sparks hiring initiative at North Chicago Fire Department
$764,000 FEMA grant to aid in hiring of up to six firefighters

North Chicago, IL (March 20, 2013) – North Chicago Mayor Leon Rockingham announced … it will bolster the ranks of the city’s fire department by adding as many as six new firefighters.  The hiring initiative, which will allow the Department to more fully staff each shift, comes thanks to a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant.

The grant, which is funded through the Department of Homeland Security’s Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) program, provides the North Chicago Fire Department with $764,000 to hire and train six firefighters/paramedics.

Mayor Rockingham thanked US Senator Dick Durbin and Congressman Brad Schneider for supporting efforts to secure the funding, which is part of a Department of Homeland Security program to help local fire departments maintain 24-hour staffing and ensure that they are able to adequately provide emergency services to communities.

The City applied for the grant in August 2012, citing attrition of experienced firefighters and EMS professionals in the department as a need to bolster staffing.

“Our nation’s firefighters are called upon day after day to protect America’s citizens,” Durbin said. “As these brave men and women put themselves in harm’s way, we must ensure that our fire departments have enough trained firefighters and that they are equipped with the best resources possible to do their jobs well.”

“I am so happy that North Chicago has earned grants that will allow them to enhance operations and hire more critically-needed firefighters,” Schneider said. “Our dedicated first responders put their lives on the line to protect us every day from harm, and it’s essential we provide them with the resources they need to keep our communities safe.”

The City maintains a list of eligible, potential employees based on an entrance exam it administered last fall.   Candidates for the positions will be individuals whose names are on that list.

North Chicago Fire Chief Dell Urban said news of the grant was welcomed enthusiastically by members of the Department, who can now look forward to more robust coverage on shifts and emergency calls.

“We’re doing a great job with the resources we have, but any firefighter or paramedic will tell you that having more men and women in the department makes us all safer and better equips us to respond to emergencies and serve North Chicago residents more effectively,” said Urban.  “Our firefighters are always working hard to secure available resources so that we can perform our jobs at the highest level possible.  They should be commended for their work to secure this funding.”

Rockingham has asked Urban to move quickly to begin the hiring process.  Both expect to bring new professionals on board within the next two months.


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