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Mundelein Fire Department updates

This from Mark Gaunky:

  • Here are a couple of pictures of our new engine, it did not arrive in November as we hoped. But, looking at the pictures it’s getting close to completion and we expect it in December.
  • The tower ladder that we purchased is not yet in-service as we are finishing up the training on it. It has though responded on a few calls already while department personnel have been out on driver’s training. All of the equipment is installed, but we are waiting for the new signs to come for the side of the ladder, and we are upgrading the emergency lighting on the basket and rear of the vehicle.
  • I am attaching a picture from a structure fire we had last month, which started in the fireplace area showing what first arriving units found.
fire engine being built

Mundelein Fire Department photo

fire engine being built

New engine being built by KME for Mundelein. Mundelein. Fire Department photo

chimney fire alongside a house

Mundelein Fire Department photo

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Mundelein apparatus updates

This from Mark J. Gaunky, Deputy Fire Marshal, Mundelein Fire Department:

The former Sugar Grove tower was delivered last week. We hope to have it in-service within a month as we are expecting our new engine about that same time. We do have a few offers on the 1995 aerial, unsure where that will be going at this time.


fire truck on lowboy flatbed

Tower ladder being delivered to the Mundelein Fire Department. Mark J. Gaunky photo

former Sugar Grove tower ladder moves to Miundelein

Mark J. Gaunky photo

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Mundelein FD apparatus updates

This from Mark J. Gaunky, Deputy Fire Marshal, Mundelein Fire Department:

  • Just wanted to give you guys a heads up we are in the process of purchasing the old Sugar Grove tower ladder. It is currently in Harrisburg PA, where they are giving it the once over and making some minor repairs, new tires, etc. It will be delivered via semi-truck sometime this month. This will replace our 1995 Pierce ladder, which was slated for replacement next year.
  • We have ordered a new KME pumper, which should be delivered sometime this summer. I will forward the final drawing when we get it. This replaces our 1992 Pierce, which has already been sold to a broker.
  • Lastly, we will be ordering a new replacement ambulance by then end of summer.


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