Northwest Central Dispatchers called off a strike that had been set for today as they reached a tentative agreement with management. The Daily Herald has an article HERE, and the TribLocal HERE.

From the Herald:

The Northwest Central Dispatch System and the union representing its dispatchers reached agreement on a five-year contract at about 1 a.m. Thursday, averting a strike that could have started after 5 p.m. that same day.

Dispatch center management and representatives of Metropolitan Alliance of Police Chapter 540 met with a mediator for about 11 hours Wednesday and into Thursday, before announcing they had a tentative agreement.

The parties agreed on raises that amount to 8.25 percent over five years, said Rick Tracy, a member of the MAP executive board. That’s slightly under the 2 percent annually that the union wanted.

From the TribLocal:

“The strike has been canceled,” said Rick Tracy, an executive board member of the Metropolitan Agency of Police, which handled negotiations for the union. “We have reached tentative agreements on all issues except for seven.”

The 67-member dispatchers union agreed to an 8.25 percent raise over five years, which works out to a little less than 2 percent each year, which Tracy said was similar to other public sector employees.

“Realistically, we’re talking several months, but what happens with this contract, what we have done so far is completed,” Tracy said. “That will be presented to our membership for a ratification vote in the next week or so.”

If the contract is ratified by the union and passed by the Northwest Central Dispatch Services board of directors, it will stand without the seven missing elements, which will be added later.

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