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4-Alarm fire with 2 specials in Northlake 2-15-14 (pt 6)

At long last, an epic 20 minute video from Larry Shapiro that includes the work of the Chicago Foam Task Force.

The series of postings from this fire can be viewed beginning HERE.

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4-Alarm fire with 2 specials in Northlake, 2-15-14 (part 4)

Images from Larry Shapiro from the 4-Alarm fire in Northlake, 2-15-14. He was on-hand when the Foam Task Force from O’Hare arrived and was deployed to apply a foam coating to the contents of the building. There will be a video coming too.

Seagrave aerial at big fire

Franklin Park Truck 2 working in front of the building on Mannheim Road. Larry Shapiro photo

Oshkosjh Striker ARFF at building fire

6-5-3 covered the interior of the demolished building with a foam coating. Larry Shapiro photo

Oshkosjh Striker ARFF at building fire

6-5-3 discharging foam into the building. Lary Shapiro photo

heavy wrecker working at fire scene

The towing company pulls the truck away from the building. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago ARFF at fire scene in the snow

Chicago 6-5-3 from O’Hare Airport came as part of the foam task force. Larry Shapiro photo

Century wrecker at night in the snow

Heavy wrecker brought in to remove a box truck. Larry Shapiro photo

canteen service aids firefighters at fire scene

MESS Canteen’s new unit working it’s second fire scene. Larry Shapiro photo

ireman controls an elevated master stream

A Franklin Park firefighter controls the ladder pipe. Larry Shapiro photo

fireman with a hose line at a fire scene

Leyden Township firefighters on a hand line. Larry Shapiro photo

fire ball erupts from tire warehouse

The B-C corner well into the fire. Larry Shapiro photo

fire engine at night

River Grove engine (X-Schaumburg). Larry Shapiro photo

Pierce fire singe at night fire scene

Park Ridge Engine 35 was one of four engines pumping inline to supply the Schiller Park tower ladder. Larry Shapiro photo

A gallery with many more images can be viewed HERE.

Part 3 in this series is HERE.

Other images are at fire

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