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The state legislature approved a bill that requires fire chiefs to have specific qualifications over a veto from the governor and objections from municipal management groups.

Senate Bill 2619 establishes requirements for the fire chief post that local governments must follow.

“We’re just making sure that the men and women that run these departments are trained personnel … They could have firefighter officer training, they could have a certification from the International Fire Association or they could have ten years experience as a firefighter.”

The Illinois Fire Chiefs Association, the Associated Firefighters of Illinois and the Illinois Association of Firefighters supported the measure.

The measure was opposed by the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association, DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference, Northwest Municipal Conference, Barrington Area Council of Governments and other municipalities with home rule status.

“… I can tell you as we continue down the path of privatization of fire departments, it’s just a tragedy waiting to happen – having administrators or bookkeepers in charge of fire departments instead of trained fire personnel,” State Rep. Kathleen Willis said.

State Rep. Mark Batinick said, “that’s an exaggeration of what this bill does.”

“I have a village in my district that has a public safety director that is a police chief that came through the police ranks that’s running both,” Batinick said.

The measure is now law.

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Task force to study on-scene safety

ABC20 has an article about a resolution in the state legislature to form a task force that will look into on-scene safety for police officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel.

Lawmakers Aim To Reduce Roadside Risks For Emergency Responders

Local lawmakers are trying to create the Emergency Responder Roadway Safety Task Force to find new ways to keep those men and women safer.”As firefighters we understand our job is just inherently dangerous. However, anytime we can minimize those dangerous circumstances, we obviously wholeheartedly support it,” Chuck Sullivan with the Associated Firefighters of Illinois said.Task force members would be chosen from Illinois firefighters, police officers, and emergency medical crews. Their job would be to put together a report on any equipment or dispatch tactics that could reduce the risk to those on scene, and present those findings to lawmakers by next year.

“The task force obviously has great intentions. I don’t know of any opposition at this point. And then once the task force comes to some conclusions then we’ll see legislation from the task force be introduced,” Sullivan said.

This resolution would cost taxpayers little or no money, as members of the task force would be volunteers. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency would be responsible for offering support to the group while they conduct their review.

The resolution is sponsored by Sens. Chapin Rose of Champaign and Jason Barickman of Bloomington. It’s currently being reviewed by the Senate transportation committee.

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