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New ambulance for the Mendota Fire Department

This from Foster Coach on Facebook;; #ambulance; #Ford; #Horton; #Type1; #MendotaFD;

Foster Coach Sales photo; #ambulance; #Ford; #Horton; #Type1; #MendotaFD;

Foster Coach Sales photo; #ambulance; #Ford; #Horton; #Type1; #MendotaFD;

Foster Coach Sales photo

thanks Martin

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Prospect Heights Fire Protection District news

This from Prospect Heights Fire Protection District Fire Chief Drew Smith:

The Board of Fire Commissioners has approved a new testing process to establish an eligibility list to fill full-time firefighter-paramedic vacancies. The one-page application and legal notice can be accessed on our website.

Please note that while you must be 21 years of age to accept an offer of full-time employment, there is no age restriction to apply and test. With the current collective bargaining agreement expiring at the end of this year, I anticipate that negotiations will result in higher wages.

If you are already a full-time firefighter-paramedic elsewhere and would consider retiring from that job to take a job with us, those that are TIER 1 in the pension will start here as TIER 1 required by law.; #firefighter; #vacancies; #hiring; #ProspectHeightsFPD;

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