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New engine for the Dwight Fire Protection District

From the Pierce Flickr page:

Pierce, Dwight Fire Protection District, IL, 38296-1; #Pierce; #Enforcer; #FireTruck; #DwightFPD;

Pierce composite

thanks Martin

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Chicago Fire and Police Department news

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The mandatory retirement age for police and firefighters in Chicago may undergo a change as the Chicago City Council’s Committee on Police and Fire convened on Monday to discuss the possibility of raising the retirement age to 65.

Currently, the mandatory retirement age for these personnel is 63. While some opponents argue for lowering it to 60, proponents suggest that raising the age could help retain institutional knowledge and maintain staffing levels.

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Loves Park Fire Department news

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According to Loves Park Fire Chief, James Hart, an older section of Forest Hills Village, a private mobile home community currently has a lack of working fire hydrants that are not supplying proper water pressure due to inadequate water main sizes and aging water system.

Forest Hills informed an engineering firm which is also used by the city, on the issue and later reached out to the city on possible solutions. Right now, an approved plan by both the City Loves Park Fire Department and the village water department is in place to bring 19 working fire hydrants to those areas of concern.

The next step is to survey the area of where improvements along with more testing before they hit the ground running, not impact any of the working hydrants on the east side of the village.

“After testing we are going to take that data back into an engineer drawing to lay out the position of the water mains, valves, water placement all of that stuff once all of that is done and all conflicts are resolved with that, they will then put together a bid package.”