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Rockford Fire Department news

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The City of Rockford is considering a plan to build a $10 million fire station on the “Miracle Mile,” at the site of the former Magna grocery store on E. State Street.

Under the proposed plan, the Rockford Fire Department Station 10, at 3407 Rural Street, would be relocated to a newly constructed State Street station.

The Magna shopping center, formerly at 3915 E. State Street, also once housed an Osco Drug and Jewel, sat vacant for nearly two decades.

The city seized the building in 2020 and it was demolished later that year. A condemned strip mall next to the former grocer was also demolished in 2020.

The empty lot, next to the Don Carter Lanes bowling alley, has hosted multiple car shows over the years and was used as a pop-up drive-in theater.

However, the fire department says the site is in need of redevelopment, which would include improvements to Keith Creek, currently channeled under the parking lot.

The current Rural Street station is in need of maintenance and repairs, which have been put on pause since the idea of relocating to E. State Street was floated in 2020.

The fire department added that its location in a residential neighborhood slows its response time.

Planning for the new fire station would begin if the project is approved at Monday night’s city council meeting, and would utilize American Rescue Plan spending funds and TIF funds for improvement to the site outside of the new fire station.

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Northbrook Dive unit for sale

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2011 International Medtec Ambulance

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thanks Martin

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Peoria Fire Department news (more)

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As Peoria city council budget discussions continue, council members are looking at details regarding the $321 million budget.

The topics of discussion for council members at Tuesday’s meeting included rescue squads for the Peoria Fire Department. Budget reductions in recent years have impacted the city’s fire department with the decommissioning of Rescue 1 and Rescue 2 in 2018. Those responsibilities have been repurposed. The rescue squad is currently a jump company.

In 2023, that squad has been called upon around 600 times. It will cost $1.2 million to reinstate the rescue squad.

One council member pushed back a bit on the proposal to reinstate the squads. He believes the city is in a good financial position, and funding rescue squads and other projects could cause problems further down the road. He was the only council member who voted no. His reasoning stemmed from wanting to fully staff the rescue squad rather than making firefighters work overtime. He cited mental health issues like PTSD as a potential ramification.

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