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Wood Dale Fire Protection District news

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Facing rising costs, Wood Dale Fire Protection District officials say they have no other option but to ask voters for roughly $1.5 million in additional property taxes. The referendum question will appear on the March ballot. If approved, the higher tax rate would take effect in June 2021. If the ballot measure is approved, the district’s annual property tax revenue will increase to roughly $7.2 million from about $5.7 million. The owner of a $250,000 home pays roughly $700 in property taxes to the district. If the tax hike is approved, that amount will increase by an estimated $200.

The decision to pursue the ballot measure came when it was apparent that — despite budget cuts, using reserve money, getting grants and partnering with neighboring districts to reduce costs — “our operating expenses are going to outpace our ability to generate the needed revenues.”

If approved, the additional money would allow the district to have eight firefighters working during each of its three shifts. More than 90% of the time last year, the district had a minimum staffing level of six firefighters per shift between its two fire stations.

The district has two fire stations that were built in the early 1970s. Both are needed to properly respond to all areas of the district. Station 69 at 411 Park Lane needs an estimated $450,00 in repairs, including a new roof and HVAC system.

Extra revenue would allow the district to replace aging vehicles. The average age of the fleet is more than 11 years old, and the district is experiencing more breakdowns. It would also will help the district pay for rising administrative costs, including double-digit price increases for insurance and higher pension contributions.

In a letter to taxpayers, Wood Dale fire officials said the district has spent more than 80 years serving, protecting and helping residents. “The district now needs, and respectfully asks for, your careful consideration on the upcoming March referendum so that we can continue to provide the highest level of service to our community,” the letter reads.

The district plans to educate residents about the ballot measure during a town hall meeting, which is scheduled for 7 p.m. Feb. 20 at the headquarters station, 589 N. Wood Dale Road.

The district, which covers Wood Dale and a small part of Itasca, last had a referendum 2002.

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Of interest … international visit to the Chicago Fire Department

On 25.07.2019 we visited the station 1. The duty officer welcomed us very friendly and in the discussions much about the work, technology and training of the firefighters told. We would like to thank you very much for that! Here are a few photos.
It greets the Werner family
Norbert, Uta, Max, Clara and Juna

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Fam. Werner

Dattelner Str. 19

39307 Genthin

family from Germany visits Chicago fire station

tourist receives Chicago firefighter  hospitality

tourist receives Chicago firefighter  hospitality

tourist receives Chicago firefighter  hospitality

tourist receives Chicago firefighter  hospitality

tourist receives Chicago firefighter  hospitality

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