This from Martin Nowak:

Since the post about the wrecked ambulance it appears that there are two new ambulances that will (have) been ordered. 
Action Item 18-91 Purchase Two (2) 2019 Ford Type 1 Horton Ambulances from Foster Coach Sales using the Suburban Purchasing Cooperative Contract #174
Motion by Trustee William Kendziora, seconded by Trustee Paul Siegel to approve the purchase of two (2) Horton Ambulances from Foster Coach Sales in an amount not to
exceed $441,454.00. Motion carried by a Roll Call vote as follows: Trustee Kendziora aye, Trustee Siegel aye, and Trustee Palya aye, Trustee Meader aye, Trustee Randich aye.
This price does not include the stretchers or the chair lifts.