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Restaurant fire in Blue Island 8-24-18

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The owners of the Maple Tree Inn restaurant in Blue Island’s historic district vowed to reopen after an early morning fire Friday caused extensive damage to the business. The call came in at about 2:45 a.m., and firefighters from several surrounding communities assisted in battling the blaze, according to Blue Island Fire Chief Dan Reda.

The owners’ family lives in an apartment above the restaurant, 13301 S. Olde Western Ave., and they were able to escape the fire safely. The building sustained heavy fire, smoke and water damage. The fire was out by 6 a.m. and crews were working on a ruptured gas line.

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Batavia Fire Department history

Batavia FD history - 1955½ Chevrolet panel truck

The Batavia Fire Department is going to sell this 1955½ Chevrolet panel truck, which was the department’s first rescue truck. It was later used by the Emergency Services and Disaster Agency. Batavia Fire Department photo

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Once the pride of the Batavia Fire Department — in 1955, the city is putting a 1955½ Chevrolet 3800 panel truck on the auction block. It only has 23,300 miles on its and it runs.

It’s been taking up space in a city garage for a couple of years. Before that, it was assigned for about 25 years to the city’s Emergency Services and Disaster Agency. A former Batavia firefighter, as well as a former ESDA director, are interested in buying the vehicle.  The city council will declare the truck as surplus property Sept. 2.

In 1954, Batavia Fire Chief Frank “Bud” Richter proposed getting a rescue truck, in his biweekly “Smoke Signals” column in the Batavia Herald newspaper. Such a truck would be useful for hauling a resuscitator device and other first aid and rescue equipment to emergencies, rather than having to put such items on a big fire truck, he wrote. Especially when a fire truck wasn’t necessarily needed at emergencies such as medical calls, river rescues, and automobile crashes. The vehicle would more nimbly navigate the city’s streets, too. He proposed paying for it through private donations, and estimated it would cost about $5,000 to buy the truck, get it outfitted, and buy equipment such as stretchers, cots, acetylene cutting torches, salvage covers, and first-aid supplies.

More than half the money was raised in a one-night campaign in November 1954 by about 100 volunteers who went door-to-door asking for money. It was enough to order the vehicle and a two-way radio for it. The rest was raised in the next few months. Avenue Chevrolet sold the vehicle at cost.

The truck was dedicated and blessed July 4, 1955, at the annual fireworks show put on by the city’s firefighters.

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Lisbon Seward Fire Protection District news

The following proposal was presented to the Lisbon Seward Fire Protection District,  Board of Trustees at their monthly meeting, August 21, 2018. Our community should be proud of this dedicated group of volunteer firefighters for taking these measures to protect the residents of our fire district.  Please read and show your support.
Lisbon Seward Fire Protection District proposal


As seen around … Chicago

This from Chi-Town Fire Photos:

2017 E-One Cyclone ll 1500/500/30, Shop # FDD666
2017 E-One Cyclone ll 1500/500/30, Shop # FDD666

2017 E-One Cyclone ll 1500/500/30, Shop # FDD666. Chi-Town Fire Photos

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