An interesting historical note about the 3-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 6-1-17, there was a 2-11 Alarm fire in the same building on April 24, 1983. We have not found any of our contributors that has photos of that fire.

Chicago FD extra alarm listing for April of 1983 


This from Steve Redick:

Thursday morning (at the peak of morning rush hour) 2945 Milwaukee Ave. Fire was in a 2-story furniture store, with the top floor completely closed to the outside by brick veneer. Heavy fire throughout, burned through and collapsed what I believe was a bowstring truss roof. Photo conditions were tough as there were areas of bright sun and deep shade. Finally got to oberve squad 2’s new “snorkel” fully extended and in operation as well as some tower ladder operations and the spare Snorkel. Also interesting to see Engine 69 hooked up to a hydrant in front of Engine 91’s former quarters at 3000 N Elbridge very close to the rear of the fire building. Here is a sample of the hundreds of images, all can be seen plus the video here: