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Naperville FD launches new program

Excerpts from the NapervilleSun:

Smaller, single-staffed vehicles will allow more efficient response to non-emergency calls

The Naperville Fire Department today launched the Rescue Vehicle Program, an innovative program aimed at more efficiently delivering appropriate resources to non-emergency calls.

The department’s rescue vehicles – Rescue 1 and Rescue 2 – will be housed at Fire Station No. 9 on the city’s north side and Fire Station No. 10 on the city’s south side. As staffing allows, each rescue vehicle will be staffed by one firefighter or firefighter/paramedic to respond to non-emergency calls, such as carbon monoxide calls where no illness is reported, elevator alarms where no one is trapped, malfunctioning fire alarms and open burning complaints.

Naperville Fire Chief Mark Puknaitis said the department responds to an estimated 1,000 non-emergency calls annually.

The Rescue Vehicle Program will be evaluated for its ability to reduce maintenance and wear and tear on department vehicles, reduce fuel use, keep fire suppression units available in their districts for emergency calls, and increase public safety by reducing the number of times a suppression unit is put on the street.

In addition to non-emergency calls, these vehicles will also respond to structure fires, automobile extrications and multiple alarm incidents, which will increase staffing on the scene of these manpower-intensive incidents.

“Naperville is a very forward-thinking community, and the deployment of Rescue 1 and Rescue 2 is a perfect example of using non-traditional thinking to improve the efficiency of our department,” said Chief Puknaitis. “This program is one of the first of its kind in Illinois, and other departments I’ve spoken to are really interested to see our progress with this in hopes of replicating the same type of service.”

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Homer Township engine refurbished

This from the Fire Service, Inc. Facebook page:

Thank you to Chief Bob Tutko and the Homer Township FPD on the delivery of their refurbished 2002 Pumper. This refurb was completed at our St. John Facility. Upgrades included a complete repaint, new roll up doors, new pump drain valves, additional DOT and emergency LED lighting, new lettering and striping, smooth aluminum rear panels with chevrons, scorpion coated interior compartments, and re-worked shelving. All this was completed in-house by our personnel. We can even make the other guys’ rigs look good.

2002 Pierce Dash fire engine

2002 Pierce Dash engine refurbished for the Homer Township FPD. Fire Service, Inc. photo

chevron striping on fire engine

Fire Service, Inc. photo

2002 Pierce Dash fire engine

Fire Service, Inc. photo

Earlier images of the work prior to completion

fire engine being painted

Fire Service, Inc. photo

fire truck prior to being painted

Fire Service, Inc. photo


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As seen around … Wheaton Fire Station 2

From Larry Shapiro:

I visited the Wheaton FD this week to photograph the fleet. Here’s a profile of Station 2 (Station 39).

Wheaton Fire Department Station 39

Wheaton Station 2 is Station 39 with the new numbering. Larry Shapiro photo

fire station decal

Station 39 company logo. Larry Shapiro photo

Ford F650 Type 1 Horton ambulance

Wheaton Medic 39 is a 2013 Ford F650/2014 Horton Type 1 (shop Id 943). Larry Shapiro photo

Pierce Impel PUC fire engine

Engine 39 – 2013 Pierce Impel PUC 1500/750. Larry Shapiro photo

Pierce 100th anniversary plaque

Pierce 100th anniversary plaqueon the Impel engine

Spartan Gladiator Classic Crimson fire engine

Wheaton Reserve Engine 39 is a 2004 Spartan Gladiator Classic/Crimson 1500/750 (shop id 921). Larry Shapiro photo

Wheaton FD reserve engine dedication to the Armed Forces

Wheaton FD reserve engine 39R was dedicated to the Armed Forces. Larry Shapiro photo

Wheaton FD reserve engine dedication to the Armed Forces. Larry Shapiro photo

The dedication on the Crimson engine cab. Larry Shapiro photo

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