The Daily Journal has an article about personnel cuts coming to Kankakee.

Nearly a dozen Kankakee city jobs will be cut or not filled this year after the city proposed deep cuts to its budget. The $22.5 million spending plan — more than $550,000 less than last year’s — was unanimously passed by the Kankakee City Council’s budget committee on Monday and would push the fire department to its lowest manpower level in 10 years. Four spots there will go unfilled as will at least one in the police department.

With the loss of $2.4 million in sales tax sharing agreements, the new budget would also cut four non-officer positions in the Kankakee Police Department, two code enforcement officers and the elimination of the personnel department.

The city’s budget also includes new taxes and fees, including a $10-per-month public safety fee and a $40 vehicle sticker tax. Those are projected to bring in more than $1.2 million per year.

The fire department will be a 49-member force and the police department will be down to 69 officers. In addition to personnel cuts, the fire department cut an additional $76,000 from its budget while the police department trimmed another $60,000 in other expenses, according to city comptroller Elizabeth Kubal. The personnel cuts in the fire department totaled $260,000 and the police employee cuts equaled $242,000.

With the $2.4-million reduction as the target, the city projects the cuts will reach $2,398,869.

thanks Dan