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Former Elgin fire engine is going to Chile

The Courier-News has an article about a retired Elgin fire engine being donated to a fire department in Chile:

There’s a retired Elgin fire engine that’s been tucked away on John Tobin’s driveway in West Dundee since October. Tobin … has been readying the vehicle to put it back in service in Cauquenes, Chile, Elgin’s Sister City.

The engine is a 1996 Seagrave that last worked at Station 5 on Villa Street in 2012. The engine cost Elgin $228,000 when new and would cost more than that to totally refurbish, Tobin said. The work he’s done on it includes re-strapping the fuel tank, getting “Cauquenes” stenciled onto the cab, replacing a pump shift and gauges, and even installing a bell.

Tobin — who has sold fire apparatus for many years — said there is still some life left in the engine. And Elgin fire Lt. Bob Bedard said it is superior to anything now owned by the stations in Cauquenes, where pickup trucks with a pump in the back are what’s used.

The Elgin truck came into Bedard’s possession after the city bought a ladder truck … As part of the deal, the city [received] $10,000 to trade in the [old] engine. … company representatives to donate[d] the vehicle to the Sister Cities effort.

In February 2011, a group of firefighters from Elgin headed out on a goodwill mission to Rancagua. [They] helped train public safety workers in … on used firefighting and rescue equipment donated by the Elgin, South Elgin, Hampshire and Pingree Grove fire departments.

In January 2013, … Elgin … [sent] Cauquenes fire hoses, turnout gear, helmets, boots, nozzles, electronics, medical equipment, and a fire engine — all outdated and surplus by U.S. standards — with the Chilean recipients picking up the shipping tab.

Bedard had to raise $20,000 to pay for shipping the engine. No money from the city of Elgin is being used on the effort, he said.

Bedard said the Chilean firefighters have asked to learn more about such techniques as shoring up buildings and rope tactics. And they’re also interested in extrications, because it is difficult to find used cars in Chile to train with, according to Bedard.

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web site updates (more)

More updates to the site:

MABAS Division 7:

MABAS Division 12:

  • Itasca: added the new medic unit and updated all the photos with new county numbering

MABAS Division 22: (this division is now complete on the site)

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New squad for Cary (update)

From Michael Douglass:

Here are some updated photos of our new squad that is being built at the SVI plant in Colorado.  Initially we were not expecting to receive the new squad until late summer or early fall, but it is well ahead of schedule and we are expecting it to be delivered at the end of May or early June.  The new squad is a SVI body on a Sutphen Ambassador chassis.  Our squad committee went last weekend to view the progress and these photos were taken by Deputy Chief Brad Delatorre.  There are more photos of the squad on the SVI website under the “watch your truck being built” link at:

SVI heavy rescue fire truck

Deputy Chief Brad Delatorre photo

SVI heavy rescue fire truck

Deputy Chief Brad Delatorre photo

SVI heavy rescue fire truck

Deputy Chief Brad Delatorre photo

SVI heavy rescue fire truck

New Sutphen/SVI squad for Cary. Deputy Chief Brad Delatorre photo

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