WGNtv.com has a story with video about a Frankfort FPD recruit who completes his training despite undergoing chemo therapy:

A young firefighter in training faced one of his toughest challenges even before graduating the academy.

Two weeks before 22-year-old Luke Wroblewski was set to enter the Frankfort Fire Academy,  he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. There was a lump in his clavicle.  He started chemotherapy immediately.

The chemo made him nauseous and exhausted. He would get treatments on Tuesdays. School was Wednesday night and all day Saturday.   He thought about quitting.  But instead found strength in his classmates and instructors.

“They would just say ‘You got this.  We know you’re doing the best you can,’” Luke said.  “They were very helpful.”

Academy director Brian Adcock has never had a candidate go through the academy who was battling cancer.  He is in awe of Luke.
“He was pulling around 170 pound dummy while being on chemo.” Brian said. Nine men total supported Luke and each other through training.

Luke’s mom and dad are so grateful to his classmates and instructors for helping their son make it through on the days he didn’t think he could.

“He was in good hands,” Barbara Wroblewski said.

Right now Luke is cancer free.  He has at least one more chemo treatment that he moved to Wednesday so he could feel well enough to walk across the stage Tuesday night.  He knows he fought hard for the certificate he’ll receive.

thanks Dan