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Fatal house fire in Woodstock, 3-6-14

This from Tyler Tobolt:

Woodstock Mabas Box #5-32 to the Box level for the house fire.
Huntley engine, Lakewood engine, Crystal Lake truck, Wonder Lake squad, Harvard EMS, Crystal Lake chief, Union RIT, Union chief – COQ: Algonquin engine, Marengo EMS to Woodstock #1 and Hebron engine to Lakewood FD
Thanks Tyler Tobolt.
house fire at night

Tyler Tobolt photo

house fire at night

Tyler Tobolt photo

house fire at night

Tyler Tobolt photo

fire truck at night

Tyler Tobolt photo

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McCook to shutdown fire department

This from the DesPlaines Valley News

McCook will ask voters this month to disband the village’s fire department and join the Pleasantview Fire Protection District.
“Because we have so little retail and we are stuck with an industrial tax base, we are no longer able to support a fire department,” said Jeff Tobolski, mayor of the village which has a population of only 228 as of the 2010 census.  Tobolski said the village has been managing a deficit of about $1.5 million for a number of years, but efforts to increase the retail base failed when Walmart pulled out of a plan a few years ago to build a Sam’s Club in town, which would have generated more than $1 million a year in taxes.Tobolski said the nine-person fire department costs the village $1.2 million per year.  He said everyone except the chief is a part-time firefighter and none of them is a trained paramedic.  “We offered to send two a year for paramedic training, but they did not embrace the idea,” he said.

Tobolski said the village notified the Teamsters union, which represents the firefighters, that it was going to ask to terminate the fire department and turn protection services over to the Pleasantview Fire District. The district is expected to maintain and staff the village’s firehouse.

“We will see significant savings by the move,” said Tobolski. “Our costs will go from $1.2 million to $200,000 in the first year.”

He said the fire district would provide better services including firefighter/paramedics instead of firefighter/EMTs as well as a better classification for insurance.  “Homeowners and businesses would see a savings on their insurance costs,” he said. The savings would depend on the fire district’s final rating after it absorbed the village’s service.

thanks Jeff, John, & Dan

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Carpentersville firefighters upset over impending layoffs

The Daily Herald has an article about reaction to the upcoming layoffs in Carpentersville.

A routine agenda item in which Carpentersville officials paid off a significant amount of debt Tuesday has deepened the divide between the Carpentersville Fire Department and village officials.

Carpentersville officials announced their intention last week to lay off five employees, including two full-time firefighters, and to eliminate several positions as they work to close a projected $400,000 deficit in the upcoming budget. Officials expect to save at least $235,000 using those measures.

The union that represents the 32 full-time firefighters said it did not expect the cuts in the fire department, particularly after resolving a contract dispute with the village over scheduling issues less than two months ago. Union leadership is expected to meet with village officials Friday to discuss the pending layoffs that affect the two firefighters with the least seniority. As it stands, their last day is March 28.

Tuesday, the village board approved paying off the remaining $565,000 in general obligation bonds it took out in 2004 for roadwork and related projects.

While the final payment wasn’t due until December 2015, paying it off early saves $20,000 in interest, officials said. The money earmarked for that repayment can’t be used for anything else, including personnel, officials said.

But before the vote, Chris Scholl, a Carpentersville firefighter and resident, asked the board to rescind the layoffs until it has time to consider their potential ramifications to the village.

Not only has Scholl created a blog critical of the board and of Village Manager J. Mark Rooney, but he has circulated an online petition calling for Rooney’s immediate removal over what he calls Rooney’s “poor management of village affairs.”

“When looking at a $400,000 deficit that the manager has claimed … it appears very likely that that deficit is caused by the payment that you will be voting on tonight,” Scholl said. “Paying a debt that isn’t due and laying off employees to offset the deficit that it will create while claiming an economic hardship, doesn’t seem to be an honest way to do business.”

Retired Carpentersville Fire Chief John Schuldt publicly took sides at Tuesday’s board meeting by sitting with the six firefighters in attendance. He hugged several firefighters before the meeting started but did not address the board. Union President Lt. Rick Nieves said Schuldt, fire chief from 1996 until 2013, attended Tuesday’s meeting without being asked.

Meanwhile, Rooney said he couldn’t decide whether Scholl’s budgeting knowledge was “a little suspect to say the least” or if he’s intentionally trying to confuse the public.

“They freely entered (into) that agreement,” Rooney said. “The village has every right to examine the needs of operation over the village and make these decisions, … but this campaign to misinform the public and claim something that is contractually allowed as something nefarious, it’s just not true.”

thanks Dan

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2nd Alarm commercial fire in Batavia, 3-5-14 (more)

This from John Tulipano from the 2nd Alarm fire in Batavia on Wednesday night:

Was fortunate to be in the car picking up from another fire in St Charles when Tri-Com toned out for a possible fire at 1st and Mallory in Batavia. Police reported flames from the 2nd floor window. The Batavia chief arrived and reported a 300X75, foundry-type bldg, well involved. He instructed his first engine to hit it with the deck gun and wanted to know who his first two trucks were.  He immediately  pulled a 2nd alarm.

firemen with hose at huge industrial fire

John Tulipano photo

fire truck at night fire scene

Batavia tower ladder prior to setting up. John Tulipano photo

firemen at huge night time fire scene

John Tulipano photo

firemen work at huge winter fire at night

Fire engulfs Master Cast, Inc. at 106 S. Mallory in Batavia. John Tulipano photo

Pierce tower ladder at night fire scene

Batavia tower ladder after being repositioned. John Tulipano photo

Pierce tower ladder working at fire scene

Batavia tower ladder deployed. John Tulipano photo

firemen at winter fire scene

John Tulipano photo

I have not had time to finish going thru all the pictures but will have a gallery on smugmug later today.

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2nd Alarm commercial fire in Batavia, 3-5-14

Batavia companies were called for a fire at 106 S. Mallory, the Metal Cast Company. They found fire in a two-story, 75×100, commercial business on the corner of Mallory and 1st, two small neighborhood streets. The attack went defensive early on and a Box Alarm was requested followed by a 2nd Alarm. Issues with the water pressure hampered putting multiple elevated master streams into operation.

John Tulipano and Brad Bartley were at the scene.

night fire scene photo

Fire engulfs Master Cast, Inc. at 106 S. Mallory in Batavia. Brad Bartley photo


night fire scene photo

Another view of the fire scene. Brad Bartley photo


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