Another report from Bill Friedrich:

The Peotone FPD has placed two new pieces of apparatus in service. SS10, which came to them from the Normal FD has now been lettered for The Peotone FPD.


Peotone FPD Seagrave Snorkel

Snorkel Squad 10 - 1980 Seagrave with RPI conversion and 1,250-GPM pump with 300 gallons of water and a 50' Snorkel (formerly of Normal, IL). Bill Friedrich photo

In addition, Brush 14 was placed in service in 2011. The skid-unit for this rig came off their old brush truck.

Peotone FPD Brush unit

Peontone Brush 14 is a 2011 Ford F-550 pickup with a 125-GPM pump, 250 gallons of water and 20 gallons of foam. The unit was put together by the department. Bill Friedrich photo

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