The Homewood Fire Department in MABAS Division 24 is about to take delivery of a 2011 Pierce Arrow XT HD 105′ rear mount quint. The truck was spotted this week at Pierce by Ryan Wyckoff. Matching the rest of the Homewood units it is painted black over red, but instead of a white ladder as they had previously, the new ladder is painted black and the breakaway fly-section is bright green. According to Ryan …

… I found out that this is the last one to have a black ladder since NFPA no longer allows ladders to be painted black.

Homewood Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT quint

Homewood is taking delivery of this 2011 Pierce HD 105' rear mount quint on an Arrow XT chassis. Ryan Wyckoff photo

Ladder 550 is replacing a 1987 Pierce 105′ rear mount quint on a Lance chassis with an extra long cab.

Homewood Fire Department Pierce Lance quint L550