In the coming weeks there will be quite a bit of activity here as Karl Klotz, Steve Redick, Hank Sajovic and Jack Connors contribute information and images to begin filling out several divisions.  Although we’d like to have complete departments and divisions added at once, the migration of images and information will more likely be in steps as the contributors are able to assemble the submissions. There will be gaps that will have to be completed at a later time.  It is our hope that visitors will be patient as the site grows.

There had initially been consideration that the site would not be active until full divisions were posted, but it seems that there is quite a bit of excitement and interest in getting things going right away.  This means that some but not all departments will have active links.  This blog will provide updates as departments are brought online.  It is easy to determine if a link is active for any department by rolling your mouse over the name.  An active link will appear underlined.