The Wheeling Fire Department, Stations [gmt ma:-34.397//150.644//8//roadmap:]23[/gmt] & [gmt ma:42.139038899999996//-87.98622370000001//15//roadmap:]24[/gmt] have been added to Division 1 (minus photos of their stations).  The Wheeling listings will change in the coming months as they have broken ground on a new headquarters station.  They will eventually have three stations manned instead of the current two.

Also in Division 1, Arlington Heights [gmt ma:auto//roadmap:]Station 4[/gmt] has been added, with a few images missing.

New additions that are expected in the coming weeks include Division 19 which is being submitted by Karl Klotz and the first upload of Chicago as Steve Redick and Hank Sajovic are assembling station and apparatus photos.

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