Joliet Fire Department news

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Joliet City Manager James D. Hock announces the appointment of Gregory Blaskey as the new deputy fire chief.
Deputy Chief Blaskey is a lifelong resident of Joliet and attended Joliet West High School and Joliet Junior College. This month marks his 30-year anniversary with the Joliet Fire Department. He has held the ranks of firefighter, paramedic, apparatus operator, lieutenant, and captain in addition to being the past deputy director of the Joliet Emergency Management Agency. Deputy Chief Blaskey has two sons who serve in public safety as police officers.
Joliet Fire Chief Joe Formhals stated, “There were five very qualified internal candidates who applied for the position of deputy fire chief and were interviewed by the Selection Committee. Deputy Chief Blaskey brings with him many years of experience handling labor management issues, and he is also well versed in Emergency Management. I welcome him to our team and know he will do an outstanding job.”

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As seen around … Leyden Township

This from Josh Boyajian:

Leyden Engine 131 – 1998 HME 1871-S/3D 1500/750

Leyden FPD Engine 131 - 1998 HME 1871-S/3D 1500/750

Leyden Township FPD Engine 131 – 1998 HME 1871-S/3D 1500/750. Josh Boyajian photo

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Hoffman Estates Fire Department news

Excerpts from the

Malgorzata Rostecka, a nurse assistant ,who lives near the apartments in the 2000 block of Hassell Road said she and her 8-year-old daughter were out for a walk when they smelled smoke. She sent her daughter to call 911 and saw beyond an open door a man leaning against a wall in his burning apartment.

She told the man to leave the building, but he couldn’t move. She said the man was having difficulty breathing, couldn’t walk and already had burns on his face and hands. She could recognize that the skin was peeling from his mouth and nose. She helped him out of the burning apartment, as he leaned on her heavily.

Rostecka heard what she described as an explosion in the living room area just as she was getting the man out the door. Hoffman Estates Fire Chief Jeff Jorian said he doesn’t know exactly what she heard but that it’s common for aerosol cans to explode in such heat.

Firefighters were called to the blaze at the two-story building of the Barrington Lakes Apartments about 7:15 p.m. Smoke and flames were blowing out of the first-floor apartment unit, where investigators believe a fire started in the kitchen. The man, who had burns on his face and hands, was transported to St. Alexius Medical Center and later transferred to Loyola.

Hoffman Estates firefighters said the initial damage estimate is $250,000. The building was substantially damaged and was equipped with an automatic fire alarm which activated, but not a sprinkler system. The cause of the fire has not been determined.

Chief Jorian said though this event ended well, it can be dangerous to enter a burning building, and firefighters and paramedics would prefer to have one victim, not two.

thanks Dan

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MVA in Buffalo Grove, 3-21-17

This from Larry Shapiro:

Buffalo Grove firefighters and police were called to Lake Cook Road and Buffalo Grove Road Tuesday afternoon (3/21/17) for a two-car crash with a reported pin-in.  Arriving companies stabilized one car that knocked down a traffic light and removed the occupant who was transported to an area hospital by Buffalo Grove Ambulance 26. The occupant of the second car was not transported after being evaluated by Long Grove paramedics.

car against pole after crash

Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove FD Quint 27

Larry Shapiro photo

Firefighters remove cribbing at crash site

Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove FD Engine 26

Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove FD Ambulance 26 and a car against pole after crash

Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove police units blocking a street

Larry Shapiro photo

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Markham Fire Department history (more)

This from Larry Shapiro:

Following up on the post from Mike Summa showing a later version the Markahm FD Dodge/Seagrave squad, here’s an early photo of it as Squad 55 in the original yellow.

vintage photo of Markham Fire Department (IL) Squad 55 in the original color built by Seagrave on a Dodge chassis

Markham FD Squad 55. Larry Shapiro photo

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Markham Fire Department history

This from Mike Summa:

Here is more of the Markham Fire Department.  This is their 1970’s Dodge/Seagrave mini pumper.  Originally painted yellow, now black over red.  Photo taken at old station 1 on Kedzie Ave.
Enjoy and comments welcome.
Mike Summa
vintage Markham fire department squad

Mike Summa photo

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Still & Box Alarm fire in Chicago, 3-19-17 (more)

Chicago FD radio traffic from the Still & Box Alarm fire in Chicago, 3-19-17

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A request for assistance …

I recently came across what seems to be an American LaFrance Transporter in Ceour d’Alene Idaho.  I took a couple photos – attached.  Can you tell me its age and anything else about it?

Peter S
American LaFrance converted transporter

Peter Siposs photo

American LaFrance converted transporter

Peter Siposs photo

In answer to the query, these items were found on the web:

Excerpts from

Another major conversation piece was the absolutely incredible American LaFrance custom car hauler with a 1962 Ferrari 250 GT 2+2 nestled in back. The truck is a masterpiece of Art Deco charm, as big and brassy as a GM Futurliner but absolutely one of a kind.

The owner, Gary Briggs, of Danville, California, said he had searched for a unique hauler to cart around vintage cars from his collection, but none of them seemed cool enough. He got together with master car builder Ben McClay of Jack Dick Customs of Martinez, California, and they designed the huge hauler from the bones of a 1971 American LaFrance fire truck.

“He built it, fabricating everything from the cab back,” Briggs said, noting that the Art Deco look of the past was “exactly what I was going for.”

The result is pure theater, and while the car hauler is not an Italian vehicle per se, its Ferrari cargo made it a perfect centerpiece for the gigantic assemblage of cars wearing the prancing horse logo.

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As seen around … Wheaton

This from Christopher Holmes:

Here is a photo of a Wheaton ambulance I saw. Do you know if it is the reserve?

Christopher Holmes
Wheaton FD ambulance

Christopher Holmes photo

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Algonquin-Lake in the Hills Fire Protection District news

Excerpts from

To be proactive in training for [live-shooter] situations, about 150 members of the Algonquin-Lake in the Hills Fire Protection District and the Algonquin and Lake in the Hills police departments participated in rescue task force training throughout the past week.  It was the first time the three agencies from bordering communities trained together on such a large scale.

The training sessions took place over three days at the former Duralife building in Algonquin, and included classroom activities as well as practical training on equipment use, moving through the building where a threat has been located, and carrying wounded victims to safety. Owners donated the use of the building for training.

The relatively new technique practiced is called rapid deployment, where small groups of police officers and firefighters will enter an active scene, such as a school shooting, before the scene has been completely secured.

“Typically a fire department would stage, wait a bit away from the scene, until police were able to secure it and make it 100 percent safe for firefighter personnel,” Lake in the Hills Police Sgt. Lloyd Howen said. “Well, people are dying. People that can survive … need medical care right away.”

“Our whole mission of the rescue task force is to save as many lives as possible and get medical treatment to innocent victims as quickly as we can,” Howen said.

Typically, a rescue task force includes about two police officers and two firefighter/paramedics entering an active violence scene together. Police officers provide security while paramedics take care of the injured.

But working in groups requires the agencies to share their language and expertise with each other, which is where the training is important.

The fire department received a grant to help buy four ballistic vests and helmets for firefighters and police invested in medical equipment including portable transport units to carry wounded people from a scene.

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