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Area updates for new apparatus

Troy has taken delivery of their second Pierce Arrow XT engine bearing their new color scheme. This is Engine 2221 (the previous one was 2211).

Troy FD Pierce Arrow XT engine

The second Pierce Arrow XT engine for Troy shown in the new colors. Pierce photo

Algonquin has two new units in production at Ferrara. Similar to Buffalo Grove, they purchased an engine and a tower ladder. Reportedly, that’s where the similarities end though as the Algonquin units are said to be fully loaded. The first set of production photos at the Ferrara plant can be seen HERE for both units.

Algonquin also received a new ambulance from Medtec this spring.

The Countryside FPD is Lake County is expecting a new Horton ambulance and a tender from US Tank very soon.

Countryside FPD US Tank production

Production history of the new tender being built by US Tank for Countryside. US Tank photos

Glenview has reportedly placed an order now for two engines from Pierce. Though both will feature the Arrow XT cab and chassis, one will have a conventional pumper body similar to engines 6 & 7 while the second will have a rescue style body like engine 8 which was shown HERE.

Huntley is expecting a new IHC 4300 Type I ambulance from Medtec.

Highland Park is in the initial stages of designing specifications for a new ambulance. Currently, their ambulances are Type III units on E-Series Ford chassis. The new unit will reportedly be a departure from this style and will be a Type I design featuring an F-Series chassis from Ford.

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Skokie updates

Skokie has received a new ambulance for station 18. This 2009/2010 unit is t he first Horton in Skokie. The previous ambulances were Medtec units and prior to that they were from Road Rescue. Skokie buys through the Northwest Municipal Conference Suburban PurchasingCooperative list of approved suppliers and Horton was on that list when this unit was ordered (Wheeled Coach and Foster Coach/Medtec were also on that list which has since expired).

Skokie Ambulance 18 Horton Type I

Skokie's new 2009/2010 Horton Type I for Ambulance 18. Larry Shapiro photo

Skokie Ambulance 18

Passenger side of the new Horton ambulance at Station 18. Larry Shapiro photo

The previous 2003 Medtec Ambulance 18 is now Ambulance 17R and the 2000 Road Rescue which had been Ambulance 17R was traded in.

Horton ambulance interior

The interior of the new Horton ambulance. Larry Shapiro photo

rear chevron on Horton ambulance

A rear view of the ambulance showing the full chevron striping and LED lighting. Larry Shapiro photo

The Ford/Taylor Made command unit for Battalion 16 has, until now, been missing from the site. The photo is now available HERE.

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CFD O’Hare apparatus updates

Several new rigs are expected at O’Hare Airport and others are in the planning stage.

  • A new ambulance has been put into service as ambulance 26 at Rescue 1. New ambulances for #16 and #59 are due at the airport soon.
  • The Aviation Department has a 5-year contract with Oshkosh for up to eight Striker ARFF units. The first one is due in August and will be a 3000 gallon 6×6 similar to several already in service at O’Hare. A second, similar unit is due before the end of 2010. Depending on FAA regulations that are possibly changing, two future units might be 4500 gallon 8×8 units.
  • A large fan (mobile ventilation unit) is in the process of being ordered for the airport.
  • A new mobile command post (2-7-8) is also on the drawing board.
  • There is a new rehab unit (5-7-3) at O’Hare at Rescue 3.
  • Mass Casualty Unit 8-8-1 at Rescue 1 is running with a new (used) Bluebird bus
  • Battalion 6 has a new 2010 Ford Expedition
  • 2-9-9 and 2-9-11 both have new 2010 Ford F150 4dr pickup trucks with bed covers
CFD O'Hare Mass Casualty Bus 881

Chicago Ambulance 26

CFD 2-9-11

CFD Rehab Unit 5-7-3

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Buffalo Grove update

Ambulance 224, Buffalo Grove’s 2009 Ford Medtec has finally been added to the site. Buffalo Grove rotates the ambulances and each does not have a specific station assignment. They are lettered only with the shop numbers.

Buffalo Grove Ambulance 25

Buffalo Grove Ambulance 224 in service at Station 25.

Engine 217, a 2010 Ferrara on an Igniter chassis with a 1500 GPM pump, 750 gallons of water and 30 gallons of foam will go into service shortly at Station 27 on the north end of town.

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ferrara Igniter pumper

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Bensenville FPD is on the site

The Bensenville Fire Protection District has been added to the Division 20 portion of the website. Bensenville has two stations although they used to have a third station which has been closed and will be demolished in the near future as part of the O’Hare Airport Expansion and Modernization Project. All of Bensenville’s rigs are pained black over red with the exception of Engine 86 which is their reserve piece. The fleet used to sport a white over red color scheme. The tanker and the tower ladder were repainted to match the new rigs.

Tanker 92, a 1988/1989 Ford Darley, won’t be on the roster much longer as the district has put it up for sale. They expect it to be gone during the summer.

In other Bensenville news, as of May 1st they are being dispatched by NORCOMM and no longer by Bloomingdale. The new frequency is 154.370.

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Wheeled Coach ambulance deliveries within the past year

While trolling through ambulance company websites to find recent deliveries in the Chicago area, the following Wheeled Coach deliveries were listed.

Bartlett FPD Wheeled Coach ambulance

Ford E-Series Wheeled Coach ambulance in Bartlett. Wheeled Coach photo

Berwyn FD Wheeled Coach ambulance

Ford E-Series ambulance in Berwyn. Wheeled Coach photo

Elgin Fire Department Wheeled Coach ambulances

A pair of Ford F-Series ambulances for Elgin. Wheeled Coach photo

McCook FD Wheeled Coach ambulance

Freightliner Business Class M2 series ambulance for McCook. Wheeled Coach photo

North Riverside FD Wheeled Coach ambulance

Ford E-Series ambulance in North Riverside. Wheeled Coach photo

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Recent Medtec ambulance deliveries

For those interested in ambulances, Medtec has delivered several area units in 2010. One mentioned in an earlier post and photographed by Karl Klotz went to the Troy FPD, which can be seen HERE. Others include LaGrange Park, Elmwood Park, and a pair of units to South Holland.

Another post will be forthcoming which highlights the dozen or so 2009 deliveries, several of which have been photographed and posted already on this site.

LaGrange Park Medtec ambulance

Delivery photo prior to graphics of the Medtec unit for LaGrange Park. Medtec photo

Troy FPD Medtec ambulance

Medtec delivery photo of the Troy FPD ambulance in their new colors before graphics. Medtec photo

Elmwood Park Medtec ambulance

A nice shot of the new Medtec ambulance in Elmwood Park with their color scheme which is unique to this area. Elmwood Park photo

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Gardner gets new Horton

A 2010 Ford/Horton Type I ambulance has been assigned as ambulance 6614 for the Gardner VFD.

Gardner VFD 2010 Ford Horton ambulance

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Troy FPD ushers in apparatus change

Karl Klotz recently visited the Troy FPD in Shorewood, IL and reports that this department which has long been known for lime green apparatus is changing their color scheme. New apparatus and those that are repainted will boast a black roof over a dark red (maroon).

Troy FPD, Shorewood, IL Pierce Arrow XT pumper

Troy engine 2211 is a 2009 Pierce Arrow XT 1500/1000 in their new color scheme. Photo by Karl Klotz

Troy FPD, Shorewood, IL 2010 Ford Medtec MICU

Ambulance 2214 is a 2010 Ford/Medtec MICU showing the new color scheme and striping. Photo by Karl Klotz

Troy FPD, Shorewood, IL Brush 2228

Brush 2228 utilizes a 2010 4dr Ford pickup. Photo by Karl Klotz.

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Division 19 updates

In Frankfort,

Karl Klotz has supplied the following updates – Frankfort has acquired a 2010 Ford/Horton Type I MICU which will run out of Station 4 when it opens … tentatively in June. Frankfort has also ordered a new brush rig for Station 4 and a they are refurbishing the brush rig from Station 3. Lastly, Frankfort has ordered a new buggy for the Battalion Chief.

The Frankfort station pages on the site have been updated with the individual company logos.

Frankfort FPD Ambulance 4

Ambulance 4 is a 2010 Ford F450/Horton which will run out of the new Station #4. Photo by Karl Klotz

Frankfort FPD Company 3 decal

The decal for Frankfort Company 3. Photo by Karl Klotz

In East Joliet,

Karl has provided a photo of the new Engine 531. Running out of Station 3, it’s a 2009 Pierce Saber 1500/1000/30 which is painted white over red. Engine 531 has a Wil-Burt light tower on the cab roof. (this should be standard issue for all engines … fire buffs need the nighttime scene lighting to assist with fire photography) The old Engine 531 is currently being stored at Station 1.

East Joliet FPD Engine 531

Photo by Karl Klotz

In New Lenox,

A new Sutphen Engine has been assigned as 1631. This was a demo unit which served at the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet last year.

New Lenox FPD Sutphen Engine 1631

2009 Sutphen Shield 1500/750/30. Photo by Karl Klotz.

Joliet Speedway Sutphen engine

Sutphen Shield demo pumper when it was working at the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet. Photo by Karl Klotz

In Orland Park,

Three Spartan Gladiator/Darley engines have been put into service as Engines 2, 3 & 6. These CAFS pumpers feature bodies by Plastisol … made from a glass-fiber reinforced polyester resin … and have 1500 GPM pumps, with 750 gallon water tanks plus 30 gallons of Type A foam.

Orland Park Spartan Darley Engine 2

One of three 2009 Spartan/Darley engines serving in Orland Park. Photo by Karl Klotz

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