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New Crimson in Highland Park

Highland Park Engine 32‘s new pumper on the south side of town has gone into service recently. It is a Spartan Gladiator chassis and a Crimson body. Engine 32 has a 1,500 GPM pump, 500-gallon water tank, and like all Highland Park suppression rigs, it carries 40 gallons of foam. The new unit has graphics on the cab which state ‘Proudly Serving Ravinia’ which represents that end of town. Housed in Station 32 which has historical recognition in the neighborhood, the engine fits into tight quarters. The fire department is restricted with regards to any upgrades or renovations to the facility due to the landmark status. Alongside the new engine is Ambulance 32 and a company of four firefighters.

Highland Park Spartan Crimson Engine 32. Larry Shapiiro photo

The new Spartan Gladiator Crimson engine in Highland Park. Larry Shapiro photo

Highland Park Spartan Crimson engine

The officer's side of Engine 32. This is the first Highland Park purchase with a painted steel bumper. All of the other units in town have chrome bumpers. Larry Shapiro photo

Highland Park Spartan Crimson engine

Rear view of the new engine showing full height compartments, a hydraulic ladder rack, and NFPA compliant chevron. Larry Shapiro photo

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Area updates for new apparatus

Troy has taken delivery of their second Pierce Arrow XT engine bearing their new color scheme. This is Engine 2221 (the previous one was 2211).

Troy FD Pierce Arrow XT engine

The second Pierce Arrow XT engine for Troy shown in the new colors. Pierce photo

Algonquin has two new units in production at Ferrara. Similar to Buffalo Grove, they purchased an engine and a tower ladder. Reportedly, that’s where the similarities end though as the Algonquin units are said to be fully loaded. The first set of production photos at the Ferrara plant can be seen HERE for both units.

Algonquin also received a new ambulance from Medtec this spring.

The Countryside FPD is Lake County is expecting a new Horton ambulance and a tender from US Tank very soon.

Countryside FPD US Tank production

Production history of the new tender being built by US Tank for Countryside. US Tank photos

Glenview has reportedly placed an order now for two engines from Pierce. Though both will feature the Arrow XT cab and chassis, one will have a conventional pumper body similar to engines 6 & 7 while the second will have a rescue style body like engine 8 which was shown HERE.

Huntley is expecting a new IHC 4300 Type I ambulance from Medtec.

Highland Park is in the initial stages of designing specifications for a new ambulance. Currently, their ambulances are Type III units on E-Series Ford chassis. The new unit will reportedly be a departure from this style and will be a Type I design featuring an F-Series chassis from Ford.

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New Crimson in Highland Park

Highland Park FD Spartan Crimson engine

Highland Park Engine 32 is a 2010 Spartan Gladiator 1500/500 Crimson. Crimson photo

The new Crimson engine in Highland Park has been lettered for Station 32 on the south end of town in the Ravinia neighborhood. This 2010 Spartan Gladiator/Crimson has a 1500 GPM pump and a 500-gallon water tank.

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Local production updates

CRIMSON: The Spartan Gladiator Classic/Crimson engine for Highland Park should be at the local dealership within the next two weeks. After the appication of graphics have been completed, the 1500/500/40 engine which is slated for Station 32 in the Ravinia section of town should be delivered.

The order for 30-103′ rear mount aerial ladder trucks for Chicago will be on Spartan Gladiator Classic MFD chassis with a 10″ raised extension on the sides and a notched cab to maintain a low travel height. ¬†The first chassis should be readying soon for production at Spartan. Crimson built a demo to the Chicago specifications last year and sold it as a stock truck to Jersey City, NJ which can be seen HERE. Although there have been some modifications to the final design, this is pretty close to what t he final units will look like in Chicago, including the gray ladder.

Jersey City Crimson ladder truck

photo by Ron Jeffers

HME AHRENS FOX: Oak Park has two HME Ahrens Fox custom pumpers on order. These will be on the HME 1971W cab with 400hp engines, 1500 GPM pumps and 750 gallon water tanks. The units are expected to be delivered in October of 2010.

SVI Trucks: The rescue coming for the Cherry Valley FPD should be on display at the Fire Rescue International trade show in August at McCormick Place. This is being built on a single axle Gladiator chassis with a Classic LFD cab, forward facing seating for five, and a 10″ raised roof. It will feature a 20′ walk-around body, roll-up doors, a top mounted Command Light and top of body compartments with a rear staircase for access.

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Local trucks in progress at the manufacturer.

Buffalo Grove has a tower ladder and rescue pumper on order from Ferrara. Both units are due to be completed next month and are expected to be displayed in the Ferrara booth at the FDIC in Indianapolis the April 22-24. The tower progress can be viewed here and the pumper can be seen here.

Highland Park has a rescue pumper on order from Crimson on a Spartan chassis. Production update photos can be seen here.

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New rig in the works for Highland Park

The Highland Park Fire Department is awaiting delivery of a Crimson engine on a Spartan chassis. This will go into service as Engine 32 on the south end of town and will replace the last front line Seagrave. They currently have 3 (1980s/1990s) Seagrave engines still in town.

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4 more Division 3 departments have gone online!

The following departments have been added to Division 3:

Glenview with 5 stations

Morton Grove with 2 stations

Highland Park with 3 stations

Des Plaines with 3 stations

Des Plaines is also in Division 1, so both Divisions will link to their stations.

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