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Skokie updates

Skokie has received a new ambulance for station 18. This 2009/2010 unit is t he first Horton in Skokie. The previous ambulances were Medtec units and prior to that they were from Road Rescue. Skokie buys through the Northwest Municipal Conference Suburban PurchasingCooperative list of approved suppliers and Horton was on that list when this unit was ordered (Wheeled Coach and Foster Coach/Medtec were also on that list which has since expired).

Skokie Ambulance 18 Horton Type I

Skokie's new 2009/2010 Horton Type I for Ambulance 18. Larry Shapiro photo

Skokie Ambulance 18

Passenger side of the new Horton ambulance at Station 18. Larry Shapiro photo

The previous 2003 Medtec Ambulance 18 is now Ambulance 17R and the 2000 Road Rescue which had been Ambulance 17R was traded in.

Horton ambulance interior

The interior of the new Horton ambulance. Larry Shapiro photo

rear chevron on Horton ambulance

A rear view of the ambulance showing the full chevron striping and LED lighting. Larry Shapiro photo

The Ford/Taylor Made command unit for Battalion 16 has, until now, been missing from the site. The photo is now available HERE.

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North Maine engine refurb

The North Maine Fire Protection District in Division 3 has sent their 1992 Pierce Arrow engine to Alexis to be refurbished. When it is completed, it will replace the 2003 American LaFrance as the front line engine.

North Maine FPD Pierce Engine

The cab of engine 1R being worked on at Alexis. Alexis photo

North Maine FPD engine 1

Another view showing the status of Engine 1R at Alexis. Alexis photo

North Maine Engine 1R

Rear cabinetry being worked on by Alexis. Alexis photo

North Maine engine 1R

The tailboard of the 1992 Pierce engine in progress at Alexis. Alexis photo

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North Maine FPD updates

Karl Klotz has sent in the following information about the North Maine FPD in Division 3 who has some apparatus changes in the works. They have put a 2010 Ford/Horton MICU into service as Ambulance 1 and reassigned the 2004 IHC/Road Rescue as Ambulance 1R.  The 1992 IHC/Road Rescue that was Ambulance 1R is now Utility 1 which will serve the TRT, Haz Mat and Dive Teams in addition to the investigators.

Engine 1R the 1992 Pierce Arrow pumper will be going to Alexis to be refurbished. This will return as Engine 1 reportedly with a black roof. The 2003 American LaFrance pumper will then be reassigned as Engine 1R.

North Maine FPD Ambulance 1 Ford Horotn

Ambulance 1 is running a new 2010 Ford/Horton MICU. Photo by Karl Klotz.

North Maine FPD Utility 1 IHC Road Rescue

Formerly Ambulance 1R, this is now Utility 1 servicing the investigators and special team responses. Photo by Karl Klotz

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New Pierce in Glencoe

The Glencoe Public Safety Department is taking delivery of a new Pierce Saber 1500/500 rescue pumper. This will be assigned as Squad 30 replacing a 1993 Pierce Lance.

Glencoe Fire Department Pierce Saber

Glencoe's new Pierce Saber. Pierce Mfg photo.

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New tower in Wilmette goes in service.

The Wilmette Fire Department has recently placed their new EONE tower ladder into service. This is a 2009 Cyclone II HP95 rear mount tower ladder. The pump is 1500 GPM, there is a 500 gallon water tank plus a 20 gallon foam tank. Wilmette no longer runs an engine out of station 26. The tower runs first due along with an ambulance and the battalion chief. If their manning on a daily basis is above their minimum, then Squad 26 will also be staffed. Tower 26R, the 1992 100′ Pierce tower ladder which previously saw service in Hammond, IN is a backup. Tower 26R is fully equipped with a few minor exceptions. An engine and an ambulance run out of Station 27 which is also home to the reserve engine and reserve ambulance.

Wilmette Fire Department tower 26 EONE HP95

Tower 26 is a 2009 EONE Cyclone II HP95 RM 1500/500/20. Photo by Larry Shapiro

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Des Plaines has a new engine on order

The Des Plaines Fire Department (in both Divisions 1 and 3) is awaiting delivery of a replacement for Engine 63. The new rig, from Pierce, will have the same body design as Engines 61 and 62 but the chassis will be different. Engine 63 will feature an Arrow XT chassis while the older, twin engines, were built on Dash chassis.

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New ambulance for Prospect Heights

Ambulance 9 Photo by Larry Shapiro

Ambulance 9 Photo by Larry Shapiro

The Prospect Heights Fire Department in Division 3 recently took delivery of a 2009 Ford F450SD/Medtec Type III ambulance (#8421) which will enter service soon as Ambulance 9.

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4 more Division 3 departments have gone online!

The following departments have been added to Division 3:

Glenview with 5 stations

Morton Grove with 2 stations

Highland Park with 3 stations

Des Plaines with 3 stations

Des Plaines is also in Division 1, so both Divisions will link to their stations.

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Evanston and Niles are online

All 5 Evanston fire stations have been added to Division 3 (and the alphabetical index). Most of their rigs are featured but again there are a few gaps. In order to view stations 22-25, the Evanston link begins at station 21 where there are links to the other stations.  Each page has links to the other 4 stations.

Niles Stations 2 & 3 have also been added to Division 3.

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Lincolnwood and Skokie have been added to Division 3

Lincolnwood Station 15 has been added to the Division 3 active listings with all of their apparatus. Skokie Stations 16, 17 and 18 have also been added although they are not yet complete listings.

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