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E-ONE gives fire truck away at FRI 2010 trade show

For the second year in a row, E-ONE has enlisted the help of several industry partners to sponsor a contest to give a brand new fire truck away to a department which shows an overwhelming need for a new truck. After the field of entrants was narrowed to seven finalists, the winner was determined by on-line voting for the most deserving department. Today, E-ONE awarded the fire truck to the Owens Cross Road Volunteer Fire Department from northern Alabama.

The winner was announced after Peter Guile, E-One’s president, read one heart wrenching story after another to a large crowd on the trade show floor who had gathered at the E-ONE booth.

E-ONE fire truck giveaway

Members of one of the finalist departments wait anxiously for the winner to be announced. Folks at home are listening to the event on the phone. Larry Shapiro photo

E-ONE fire truck giveaway

Fire Chief Dan Kelly of the Owens Cross Road Volunteer Fire Department reacts to winning the fire truck. Larry Shapiro photo

E-ONE fire truck giveaway

E-ONE workers apply the name of the winning fire department to the engine. Larry Shapiro photo

E-ONE fire truck givesqay

A large crowd gathered at the E-ONE booth to see the giveaway. Larry Shapiro photo

E-ONE fire truck giveaway

E-ONE president Peter Guile poses with Fire Chief Dan Kelly and his wife after the Owens Cross Road VFD won the brand new engine. Larry Shapiro photo

A gallery of images depicting the event can be seen HERE on Larry Shapiro’s site.

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Recent Medtec ambulance deliveries

For those interested in ambulances, Medtec has delivered several area units in 2010. One mentioned in an earlier post and photographed by Karl Klotz went to the Troy FPD, which can be seen HERE. Others include LaGrange Park, Elmwood Park, and a pair of units to South Holland.

Another post will be forthcoming which highlights the dozen or so 2009 deliveries, several of which have been photographed and posted already on this site.

LaGrange Park Medtec ambulance

Delivery photo prior to graphics of the Medtec unit for LaGrange Park. Medtec photo

Troy FPD Medtec ambulance

Medtec delivery photo of the Troy FPD ambulance in their new colors before graphics. Medtec photo

Elmwood Park Medtec ambulance

A nice shot of the new Medtec ambulance in Elmwood Park with their color scheme which is unique to this area. Elmwood Park photo

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