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Division 19 updates

In Frankfort,

Karl Klotz has supplied the following updates – Frankfort has acquired a 2010 Ford/Horton Type I MICU which will run out of Station 4 when it opens … tentatively in June. Frankfort has also ordered a new brush rig for Station 4 and a they are refurbishing the brush rig from Station 3. Lastly, Frankfort has ordered a new buggy for the Battalion Chief.

The Frankfort station pages on the site have been updated with the individual company logos.

Frankfort FPD Ambulance 4

Ambulance 4 is a 2010 Ford F450/Horton which will run out of the new Station #4. Photo by Karl Klotz

Frankfort FPD Company 3 decal

The decal for Frankfort Company 3. Photo by Karl Klotz

In East Joliet,

Karl has provided a photo of the new Engine 531. Running out of Station 3, it’s a 2009 Pierce Saber 1500/1000/30 which is painted white over red. Engine 531 has a Wil-Burt light tower on the cab roof. (this should be standard issue for all engines … fire buffs need the nighttime scene lighting to assist with fire photography) The old Engine 531 is currently being stored at Station 1.

East Joliet FPD Engine 531

Photo by Karl Klotz

In New Lenox,

A new Sutphen Engine has been assigned as 1631. This was a demo unit which served at the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet last year.

New Lenox FPD Sutphen Engine 1631

2009 Sutphen Shield 1500/750/30. Photo by Karl Klotz.

Joliet Speedway Sutphen engine

Sutphen Shield demo pumper when it was working at the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet. Photo by Karl Klotz

In Orland Park,

Three Spartan Gladiator/Darley engines have been put into service as Engines 2, 3 & 6. These CAFS pumpers feature bodies by Plastisol … made from a glass-fiber reinforced polyester resin … and have 1500 GPM pumps, with 750 gallon water tanks plus 30 gallons of Type A foam.

Orland Park Spartan Darley Engine 2

One of three 2009 Spartan/Darley engines serving in Orland Park. Photo by Karl Klotz

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New apparatus deliveries

Karl Klotz provided theses updates:

in Division 19:

  • Frankfort has two new engines: Engine 711 & Engine 751 are both Pierce Arrow XT’s.
  • East Joliet Engine 531 has a new Pierce Saber.
  • Manhattan’s Squad 1216 is a heavy rescue built by SVI (Super Vac) on a Spartan chassis.
  • Peotone placed a Sutphen rescue/pumper in service as Squad 14.
  • The Orland FPD has placed 3 new engines in service that were built by Darley on Spartan chassis. ¬†They have been assigned to Engines 2, 3 & 6.

in Division 24:

  • Hazel Crest Engine 1228 has a new Seagrave engine

in Division 15:

  • The Troy FPD has a new Pierce Arrow XT assigned to Engine 2211

in Division 3:

  • Deerfield has a new Pierce Arrow XT for Engine 20
  • Glenview also has a Pierce Arrow XT for Engine 8 (1500/500)
  • Niles has a new ambulance to replace Ambulance 2

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five more departments have been added

Thanks to Karl Klotz for submitting images from Highwood and Park Ridge in Division 3 plus East Joliet and Mokena in Division 19. Both stations in Park Ridge have been completed. Highwood‘s posting is missing a photo of the station. ¬†East Joliet‘s two stations are complete and Mokena‘s two stations are only lacking the patch and an image of station 1. An interesting piece of apparatus in Mokena is Truck 1629 which is one of the first 100’ RM aluminum aerial ladders from in this area from Pierce.

The Northbrook Fire Department in Division 3 has 3 stations. Although images for a few pieces of apparatus are still to come, all three stations are now represented on the site including the new Pierce Velocity 100′ Tower Ladder at Station 12.

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